Where Is Big Brother's Ziggy Now?

Where Is Big Brother’s Ziggy Now?

Where Is Big Brother’s Ziggy Now?

Camden born Zac Lichman, better known as Ziggy, is now 36. He had a two year career in British vocal boy-band ‘Northern Line’ and supported popular British dance-pop group ‘Steps’ as well as appearing on a few TV shows.

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His best known TV appearance was on the 2007 season of Big Brother, where he finished in fourth place. On the show he was also well known for his well known relationship with Chanelle Hayes, the couple even known as ‘the posh and becks of the big brother world’ which ended with Ziggy using the iconic line, ‘it’s not you it’s me’  before Chanelle voluntarily left the house on Day 62.


Is Ziggy still with Charlie Hayes?

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No. Their on/off relationship finally stuck on off after Chanelle left she show, saying she couldn’t deal with all the rows. They met again after ten years on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side alongside another set of famous exes, Katie Price and Dane Bowers. Unsurprisingly, the flames of passion did not reignite, and they just acted very awkwardly around each other. With the host joking ‘It’s not awkward at all” before turning to the camera and saying “It’s so awkward!”

Chanelle is a model and TV personality, and is expecting her second child. She is also currently running a cake making business in Wakefield, alongside occasional media work.

What did Ziggy even do after Big Brother?

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Ziggy went on to act in a TV show called Dead set, which is a zombie story set in the Big Brother House, where the contestants inside have no clue of the crisis happening outside.  He then started working in celebrity management for Waterloo Road star Lucien Laviscount, before becoming the director of Favela Rocks bar in Knightsbridge.

His appearance on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side was met with excitment from fans tweeting messages like

‘omg chanelle and ziggy’s series was the best #BBBOTS’,

‘Ziggy is looking FINE #BBUK #BBBOTS’, ‘CHANELLE AND ZIGGY #bbbots’, ‘A panel full of legends tonight!! Who’s happy to see Chanelle and Ziggy reunited? #BBBOTS #BBUK’.

What’s he up to now? 

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Zac Lichman is now working as a doorman for a nightclub called Paper. It moved across London from Mayfair to Soho in at the end on January earlier this year. The club is highly exclusive, and popular with A-list celebs, including  A$AP Rocky, Beyoncé, and Kanye West.  There are rumors that A$AP once spent £10,000 on champagne in a single night, and most of that money ended up in Zac Lichman’s bank account. Jay Z also celebrated his birthday there, on the 4th of December.