20 Hilarious Boat Names That Are ‘Knot’ To Be Taken Seriously

20 Hilarious Boat Names That Are ‘Knot’ To Be Taken Seriously

    If you are rich enough, buying a boat is seriously a big deal. I doubt any of us will ever be rich enough to buy a boat but that’s okay, I’m not sure when any of us would use it anyway…Once you’ve bought a boat the next most important thing isn’t learning how to drive it or buying equipment, no. It’s giving it a name.

    The name on your boat is there for everyone to see so you might want to make sure that you make it a good one. So, let’s not be boring folks and name your boat something LAME like “Serenity” or “Oceania”. It’s far better to make it funny instead. It’ll make people hate how rich you are slightly less…

    1.) Perfect boat for the apocalypse

    I mean, he isn’t wrong, as far as I’m aware zombies can’t swim. Looking at all the apocalypses and zombie virus outbreaks we’ve been having recently, this boat is the perfect safe haven! Looks like we should all start thinking about buying ourselves a boat…

    2.) The fastest boat you’ve ever seen

    I love how this person had enough disposable income to buy a boat but not enough to hire a professional to do a proper sign for their boat. Shows how you can do anything with duct tape! Anyway, this boat better be fast or its name is pointless.

    3.) Asking for it

    This person has DEFINITELY jinxed themselves with this boat name. If they didn’t sink because of a rock or an iceberg I will be VERY disappointed.

    4.) Tempting Fate

    This is brave. Also, why is it called “Unsinkable II”? What happened to “Unsinkable I”? If it sunk then this guy really does need to think of a new boat name.

    5.) The best boat ever

    This is adorable and is definitely a boat that I could get on board with (get it?) However, it only really makes sense when the pugs are on the boat. Unless they live on the water like water pugs or something.