Bride Bristling With Rage At Pig Themed Wedding

Bride Bristling With Rage At Pig Themed Wedding

Bride Bristling With Rage At Pig Themed Wedding

A bride who only wanted a countryside wedding was left angry after her swine of a husband arranged a pig themed wedding.

Source: E4

 Staph, a 23 year old development executive from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, left her wedding arrangements up to her groom Billy Grieves, 37 year old fireman, for the E4 show Don’t Tell the Bride.

Grieves took inspiration from his brides nickname of “little piggy” and broke the piggybank with his £14,00 budget going on the themed wedding, even hiring 50 pigs in an effort to break the record for worlds largest pig parade, which sadly completely failed.

Source: E4

Twitter was full of comments about the episode on Wednesday night, with many viewers angry at Billy’s behavior, one saying: ‘How stupid do you have to be to think getting married on a pig farm is a viable idea let alone good one?!’

Another laughed at Billy’s idea to dress the bridesmaids in pig onesies, saying ‘There are no words really, this chap is beyond dumb.’

Another went whole hog with the puns, saying: ‘She should NOT marry this pig. I would go absolutely ham, this wedding stinks and he’s bacon a fool of her.’

Source: E4

Billy thought his wife-to-be would love the theme because of his pet name for her being ‘little piggy’, but that turned out to be pure hogwash as she refused to speak to him when they stood together at the altar.

When she got to the venue she said: ‘I think this is a joke. I don’t want pigs at my wedding, it’s gone to the extremes I just want this over with.’

The couple has been together for four years, with Billy proposing after three years.

Steph explained during the programme that she and Billy are total opposites, but even if they had different tastes she never guessed she’d be saying ‘I do’ surrounded by pigs.

Source: E4

Billy did explain that the idea behind the wedding came from one of their first dates together, where they had gone out for food and Steph had said “I feel like a right little piglet”. He said the nickname stuck and he’d often bought her pig themed gifts, but she later admitted she’d never been a fan of the nickname.

Once he had the idea for the theme he started spending, with £1,000 spent on hiring a pig farm, £100 on pig onesies for Steph’s bridesmaids, and £250 on a pig cake.

He did have the sense to avoid a pig bridal gown, but the £1000 dress he bought was not taken well, Steph said she hated it, and the wellies he’d chosen to accompany it.

A Guinness word Record adjudicator was also invited to the wedding, watching Billy’s attempt to lead a parade of fifty pigs after they said their vows, but it didn’t go well, with the pigs ignoring his instructions.

The bride cried over her Hen do, as Billy left juts eight bottles of fruit wine behind the bar and a few shots of Jagermeister, despite budgeting £1,500 for his own stag do, which wasn’t even shown on air.

Steph’s bridesmaids weren’t impressed, complaining about the tacky onesies and the purple dresses he’d bought as a back up. The bride was no happier, saying: ‘This is a joke. I didn’t want a themed wedding I wanted a nice wedding.  I’m so mad now I don’t want to go to the wedding I’m fuming.’

The mother of the bride was no happier, both looking miserable as they walked down the aisle. ‘When your first daughter is getting married this is not what I wanted’ she said.

Source: E4

Despite rain making the already muddy wedding even muckier Billy kept trying to have fun, and even managed to get himself slightly forgiven with a marquee and a dancefloor. When Steph finally praised his efforts he said: ‘I’m not a world record holder but I married the girl of my dreams,’

Honestly if I was her showing up to that wedding? I’d just hoof it.