Britain's Favourite Book-To-Movie Adaptations Revealed

Britain’s Favourite Book-To-Movie Adaptations Revealed

Britain’s Favourite Book-To-Movie Adaptations Revealed

A poll of 2,000 adults has led us to find out what the nations favourite book-to-movie adaptations are. Mary Poppins , Jurassic Park and Harry Potter are all examples of literature that is preferred in film format according to a study.

2,000 adults revealed that there are many titles to which the film is a lot more entertaining than the book it was based on.

The research was undertaken by Vue, in order to commemorate World Book Day tomorrow, and attempt to find the greatest movies that were actually based upon literature.

“Some of the greatest films ever made have their roots in literature and there are plenty of high-profile book-to-film adaptations like Ready Player One hitting the big screen soon” a representative of Vue confirmed.

“We are excited to help our customers relive their favourite characters in the best way possible.”

Here is a run down of your favourite big screen adaptations:

Jurassic Park

The 1990 science fiction novel was adapted to the big screen in 1997, where it became one of the highest grossing films of all time. Stars such as Jeff Goldblun, Laura Denn, and Richard Attenborough depict the tale which shows us a world where dinosaurs make a return..

Forrest Gump 

The tale of one of cinema’s most lovable figures, was actually based on a novel written in 1986 by a Winston Groom. The story was developed into a motion picture in 1994, where it secured an incredible 6 Academy Awards. The film plays to host to what is arguably Tom Hank’s greatest performance on the big screen

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

This timeless children’s story, was published back in 1964, by none other than the genius Roald Dahl. The story soon found the big screen however, as it was adapted for film in 1971. The film became one of the worlds most treasured hits, as the late Gene Wilder produced a spectacular performance as the crazy genius that is Willy Wonka. The films soundtrack attracted critical acclaim, and was even developed for theatre.

Mary Poppins

This collection of six adventures penned by the infamous P.L.Travers, follows the story of a magical nanny, Mary Poppins, and how she changes the lives of the Banks family. The stories were converted into a simply timeless Disney classic. Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews star in this musical bonanza which will certainly have you tapping your feet.

The tale of how Walt Disney managed to secure the rights to the books has also produced another brilliant film, in “Saving Mr Banks”, featuring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

Bridget Jones Diary

Helen Fielding produced this story of a thirty something single female working woman, living in London, in 1996, which contained themes somewhat relateable to women across the nation. It’s theatrical adaptation didn’t come til 2001, and featured Rene Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. Rene secured herself an Oscar for best actress for the flick.

Silence of The Lambs

The novel released by Thomas Harris in 1988, documents the life of cannibalistic serial killer Dr Hannibal Lecter, as he tests his wits against FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling. The film was released in 1991 and starred Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. The film secured an impressive 6 Oscars, with Anthony Hopkins receiving critical acclaim for his sinister, creepy portrayal of Hannibal Lecter.

The Great Gatsby 

This 1925 work of literary art by F Scott Fitzgerald follows a host of characters living in a fictional town in the Long Island district. The tale documents perfectly the glitz and glamour of the 20’s whilst also telling the story of tragic love story between Gatsby and Daisy. The 2013 adaptation certain l did not disappoint. None other Leonardo Di Caprio played the part of Mr Gatsby himself, with Carey Mulligan depicting Daisy. The film picked up 2 Oscars for its effort. Cracking job, sport.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series was selected as the nations second favourite book-to-film adaptation. This series of fiction will probably go down as one of the most famous in history, and has created a whole universe of dedicated fans. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, published in 1997, was the first to be converted. The tale of the infamous wizard and his journey was placed on the big screen in 2001, and launched the career of then child actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. The franchise has accumulated over $2billion in revenue. Astonishingly however the Harry Potter films never actually won an Oscar.

Lord Of The Rings

This was voted number one, and to be fair probably would have been mine. The first of the trilogy, The Fellowship of The Ring, was published back in 1954 by university professor J.R.R Tolkien. The tale of fantasy, love, war, and friendship was adapted by New Zealand born director Peter Jackson, with the first of the three released back in 2001. It featured huge names such as Elijah Wood, Sean Austin, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, and Sir Ian McKellen. The total franchise, including that of the separate Hobbit trilogy, has raked in a staggering $5.8billion. The film picked up a monumental 17 academy awards, resulting in it being one of the most successful adaptations of all time.

Four in 10 Brits disclosed they prefer to read a book first, before watching the film. A sentiment I too support.

The research, which was undertaken by OnePoll, found 67% have read a book and have been eagerly anticipating a screen release.

More than half confirmed they preferred the film versions, to a book, as it brings the characters to life, with over a third saying it’s more often than not a little bit more entertaining.

Other films to make the list included The Polar Express, Matilda, and The Da Vinci code.