18 British Quirky Foods Brits Don't Realise Are Weird

18 British Quirky Foods Brits Don’t Realise Are Weird

18 British Quirky Foods Brits Don’t Realise Are Weird

Great Britain is home to many cultures, people, dialects, and weird food habits. Here we break down our favourite, incredibly British way to serve food, that other nations just simply will not understand.

God save the Queen, and the baked bean.

1) Eating beans on toast, every meal. 

A British culinary classic. The baked bean with accompanying toast, has been the go-too for the lazy since time began. It’s easy, it hits the spot, and if you’re not from Britain it just seems weird.

2) Marmite on toast

Either loved, or hated. This British controversy is something admittedly I’ve never subjected myself too. It’s a debate that seemingly only takes place in the United Kingdom however.

3) Everything, absolutely everything, on toast.

It’s not just the beans we seem to lash on toast. Peanut butter, Nutella, cinnamon, jam, marmalade, cream cheese, chopped tomato’s, lemon curd, eggs .. to name a few. Our devotion to toast is what makes us unique.

4) Jelly & Ice Cream

One for the sweeter tooth. This classic is something you’d no doubt find at a children’s birthday party. Nevertheless, a very strange, peculiar combination at face value. But one that works.

5) The Sausage Rolls

A food that is ingrained into the very hearts and souls of the nation. Whether it be Gregs. Wilds, you name it, you can’t call Brits relationship with sausage rolls nothing other than an obsession. From the outside looking in, it does look a rather peculiar addiction however.

6) Batter 

Whether it be a cod, haddock, or even a Mars Bar, the art of covering food in batter is something you can not escape in this nation.

7) Chip Butty

The staple of a fish shop supper, the chip butty. I don’t know who decided to put chips in a teacake, but whoever they are, they deserve a knighthood.

8) Mushy Peas

Continuing with the fish shop theme. Again, I question who would decide to suddenly mush peas, and turn them into a side for our fish and chip suppers. That being said, this greasy, bogey resembling side is probably frowned on by the entire world. At face value who can blame them.

9) Gravy 

It is said, that if you voyage up North, and cut into the skin of those who reside there, their blood runs as brown gravy. We put it on our chips, and even have romantic relationships with the KFC variety. It may be strange to others, but gravy is something you just can not take away from us.

10) Curry

In America they ask “Do you fancy Indian”? This is incorrect, as the correct terminology is “D’you fancy a curry”? The curry is rather like that member of the family that is adopted, but loved immeasurably. It’s homelands lie in the far east of the world, but it’s become one of our countries favourite sons.

11) Biscuits In Tea 

You can not have a cup of tea, without the companionship of a biscuit. However dipping them into the tea? Why do we do that? Nobody knows, but this strange tradition is one that a fundamental part of Britain’s make-up.

12) Prawn Cocktail Flavoured Crisps 

One of the most bizarre flavours of crisp on the market, but one that is now widely accepted. I don’t know who thought the idea of letting fish near a flavour of crisp would work, but it really does.

13) Cheese And Crackers 

Yet again another rather odd combination of foods, that have become a national institution in Great Britain. I myself, am not a fan. Please do not direct hate mail my way. I just find the overall experience a rather dry one, but it’s safe to say I’d be challenged by most of the nation.

14) Fish Finger Butty

Another favourite for the kids. This dish has a lazy aroma, with a hint of “I’ve not done the food shop yet”. It’s still regarded as an old friend of Great British cuisine. We just love putting things in butties don’t we.

15) Brown Sauce As A Condiment

This quintessential British classic has sneaked it’s way across from a high end sauce, to part of our everyday condiment use. The vinegary substance, atcually features our very own Houses of Parliament on the label.

16) Crumpets With Your Butter

There’s something about a crumpet which screams “absolutley drench me in some form of substance”, more often than not, this substance is butter. I don’t trust these people that try to piss around with an already well established British snack, and put jam on it. If it’s not butter, it’s done wrong I’m sorry to say.

17) Triangular Toasties

Why are they triangular? The entire foundation of this delicious snack is based on some 3 sided myth. Whether it be the traditional cheese toastie, ham, tuna, you name it. It always seems to be in a triangle. Well, I’m taking a stand. I shall be attempting to slowly introduce a circular toastie to audiences very shortly.

18) The Fry Up 

What a way to end. The Great British fry up. There are several variations worldwide, but ours obviously trumps them hands down. You can shove your balanced diets, as nothing beats a greasy heart attack accompanied with Yorkshire Tea to start the day.