QUIZ: Can You Name These 10 Classic Movies From The A Prop?

QUIZ: Can You Name These 10 Classic Movies From The A Prop?

It is amazing how just the simplest item can evoke the memory of a film you watched and really enjoyed when you were young.

You may have seen these movies growing up, as quite a few of them have their origins in the 1980’s. Can you name all the movies these props appeared in?


You put in your coin and make a wish but be careful what you wish for, it may come true! Do you remember in which film he makes an appearance?


A most useful tool for disarming the bad guys, ensnaring the woman folk and swinging across large voids of terrain. Where does this prop make it’s appearance(s)?


Mmm a delicious snack which, provides a bonding experience when used as a prop in a famous movie. It would seem they are quite similar to a Boost bar in the United Kingdom. Where does it crop up in movie history?


What on earth is this strange looking bit of kit? More importantly – can you name the film(s) it appeared in? Some of you may also recognise it from a children’s television show.


A bit of an easy one here. A Delorean, doing it’s best seagull impression. Some beautiful retro styling! In which film(s) does this car reach dizzying speeds?


Despite its appearance, it’s not a spark plug from a Boeing 747. So, what is this unusual looking gizmo and where does it feature in the movie world?


A golden oldie here as the film was made in the 1930’s, however the story is well known and has been told via many different media’s over the years. Whose shoes are these and can you name the film?


Eww, not the most attractive of movie props here. One for the sci-fi horror lovers out there.


A gruesome prop now, although very iconic as this film and it’s many sequels were hugely popular. Can you name them all?


Nature can make a great prop. Do you remember the link from this maize crop to a classic 1980’s film?

You should have quite a list of movies by now – have a tot up, how many did you get? Make a comment with a figure below!

Lastly a fact for you: One of the most expensive movie costumes ever sold was Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from 1955’s The Seven Year Itch, which sold for $4.6 million in an auction in Los Angeles in 2011. That is one expensive dress!