Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Photo?

We hear it all the time from older generations, we don’t listen and we don’t pay attention to things.

According to a whole bunch of studies, younger generations have a short attention span which lasts about 4 seconds. Or at least, I think that’s what the study said. I stopped reading a third of the way through.


But there are a number of ways of testing out the theory that younger generations have a short attention span, one of which is to look at this picture.

What’s wrong with this image? It’s just four friends hanging out on a beach and having their photos taken, right? So, what’s wrong with this picture and how long did it take for you to figure out what was wrong with it?


And remember, no looking through the comments to try and find the answer and no skipping to the end of this article. That’s cheating!

Most of the time when we’re asked to look at a picture and solve what’s wrong with the image we’re seeing, we often simply skim over it. It’s a quick solution but it, unfortunately, means we’re not paying close enough attention to what we’re looking at. The same happens when we skim read, we pick up the general feeling of the text but we’re unable to say what actually happened.

So, can you tell me what’s wrong with the picture or did you skim through the photo?

If you actually looked at the picture you would have been able to notice that the women’s faces weren’t their own. But whose were they?

The faces belonged to the man in the background! But you wouldn’t have spotted that if you were skimming through the photo!

Let’s be honest with each other. Who actually found out what was wrong with the photo relatively quickly?

Let us know in the comments!