Captive Pet Monkey Kills Owner For Forcing It To Climb Trees And Collect Coconuts

Captive Pet Monkey Kills Owner For Forcing It To Climb Trees And Collect Coconuts

Captive Pet Monkey Kills Owner For Forcing It To Climb Trees And Collect Coconuts

    Ngah Muhammad died after being attacked by his pet monkey which he was forcing to retrieve coconuts from a tree in his garden.

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    The 72-year-old died from severe blood loss after his pet monkey severed an artery in the elderly man’s wrist.

    Ngah Muhammad’s family had acquired the monkey when it was young according to his son who was also attacked by the monkey outside their family home in the north-west of Malaysia.

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    The deceased man’s neighbours said that the monkey was largely well-trained as the family had taken the primate to ‘monkey school’ in order to train it to climb trees… and presumably other things, but who knows what really goes on in ‘monkey school’!

    Ngah Muhammad’s son, Mohd Zakaria Ngah (pictured below), became alerted to the fact that something was wrong when he realised that he hadn’t heard either his father or their monkey making any noise in the garden for some time.

    Mohd went out to the back of the house to the coconut grove where his father had been trying to teach the monkey to collect the hard-skinned fruit. When he got there, however, he found his father lying unconscious on the ground with a gash on his wrist.

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    Mohd Zakaria Ngah initially didn’t realise that the monkey had caused the injury; however, when he rushed to his father’s aid the distraught monkey then attacked him also.

    The monkey bit Mohd on the neck which caused the man to scream loudly which attracted the attention of their neighbours who rushed to help.

    PERHILITAN, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia, eventually arrived and sedated and captured the animal.

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    Speaking from hospital, Mohd said, ‘I was at home when it happened. After some time had passed, I found it weird because it was quiet. I did not hear my dad, there was no sound of coconuts falling and there was no sound from the monkey.

    ‘When I arrived at the scene, I was shocked to find my father lying cold on the ground, not moving, and not far from the monkey, with his right hand bleeding.’

    There has been no statement about what will happen to the monkey now or what species it is.

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    I just don’t understand how people can mistake wild animals such as monkeys for pets! They’re not meant to be domesticated, and this is not the first time that an incident of this nature has been reported on.

    Several years ago, another man was killed by a monkey which he was cruelly forcing it to climb trees and collect coconuts for him.

    48-year-old Leilit Janchoom died instantly when his ‘pet’ monkey threw a coconut at his head. According to the Telegraph, the monkey had found the work ‘tedious and strenuous’ and would frequently receive beatings if he tried to rest.

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    Monkeys are frequently employed in order to collect coconuts from trees, and suffer horrific conditions at the hands of their owners.

    Huffington Post published an article about the coconut farming industry in which they compared the way that the monkeys are treated to ‘slavery’.

    ‘”On the website of one training centre, monkeys are branded as “efficient industrial agriculture labour” and it states that they are “strong…are not afraid of heights, do not complain, do not call for higher wages.

    ‘They do not require social security and accident insurance. Monkeys are therefore considered a “living machine” that is very valuable for coconut farmers” […] It is, in a word, slavery.’

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    It’s heartbreaking to see such beautiful animals treated with such cruelty! Let me know what you make of this story in the comments below.