Here Is What The Cast Of Little House On The Prairie Are Up To Nowadays

Here Is What The Cast Of Little House On The Prairie Are Up To Nowadays

Here Is What The Cast Of Little House On The Prairie Are Up To Nowadays

Little House On The Prairie was an American Western drama TV series about the Ingalls family living in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, and best of the best-selling semi-autobiographical series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It lasted for nine seasons and ended over 35 years ago.

Melissa Gilbert – Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Not only was Gilbert a successful actress before ‘Little House’ she continued to be one afterward. Mostly working on TV shows and films such as ‘Babylon 5’ and ‘Choices of the Heart’. She also provided the voice for Batgirl in ‘Batman; The Animated Series’.

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In 2008 and 2009 she went back to the prairie and played Caroline “Ma” Ingalls in the musical adaptation of ‘Little House’. Then in 2012, she appeared on season 14 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

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In 2016 Gilbert ran a the presumptive Democratic nominee in her district, however, she was forced to drop out due to health issues.

Dean Butler – Almanzo James Wilder

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After ‘Little House’ Butler continued acting for a while, appearing as Jess Griffin in ‘The New Gidget’ and Hank Summers (Buffy’s dad) in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. He also guest-starred in some tv shows such as ‘JAG’ and ‘Murder She Wrote’.

He has also been on Broadway in the original company of ‘Into the Woods’ and has also played Tony in ‘West Side Story’.

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Nowadays he mostly works as a director and producer. He himself has produced two documentaries relating to ‘Little House’, ‘Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder’ and ‘Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura’.

Melissa Sue Anderson – Mary Ingalls

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Appearing in the first seven seasons and the coming back for a short time in season eight she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series for her work. Later on, in 1980 she won the prestigious ‘TP do Oro’ Award in Spain for ‘Best Foreign Actress’ for her role in ‘Little House’

She continued acting in various TV shows such as ‘The Equalizer’ and ‘CHiPs’. Then later took a step back from acting to focus on raising her children, Piper and Griffin, and moved to Canada where she is now a citizen.

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In 2010 she released ‘The Way I See It- A Look Back at My Life On Little House’. This autobiography was mostly based on her life during her time on the show but also afterward.

Sidney and Rachel Lindsey Greenbush – Carrie Ingalls

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The twins played Carrie Ingalls together due to their young age. While they both left acting after the show they went very different routes.

Sidney went on to join the rodeo circuit and is now a sales system administrator who competes in barrel racing and riding.

Rachel is now an amateur boxer. In 2014 she married Daniel Sanchez who she had met as a child when she was on the show some 30 years before.

Karen Grassle – Caroline Ingalls

Grassle appeared in all the seasons of ‘Little House’. After the show ended she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and became co-founder of ‘Santa Fe’s Resource Theater Company’. Then she moved to Louisville, Kentucky where she performed at “Actors Theatre’.

She now lives in California. In 2006 she performed Miss Daisy in ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and in 2008 she signed up as the promotional face of Premier Bathrooms.

Michael Landon – Charles Ingalls

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Unfortunately, Landon passed away back in 1991 due to cancer.

Alison Arngrim – Nellie Oleson

Arngrim was in the show from the very first season until the seventh, although she made a short reappearance in the ninth season. After leaving the show in 1982 she did not do much acting until the early 2000s.

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In 2002 she won the ‘Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the Young Artist Awards. She now spends a lot of time doing charity work.

Jonathan Gilbert – Willie Oleson

Gilbert was one of only six actors to appear throughout the entire series of ‘Little House On The Prairie’. He is the brother of Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls. He stopped acting in the mid 80’s after the show and became a stockbroker.

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