This Cat Has Human Hands And The Internet Is Absolutely Losing It

This Cat Has Human Hands And The Internet Is Absolutely Losing It

This Cat Has Human Hands And The Internet Is Absolutely Losing It

What’s this? A cat – with hands?!

Well, yes, apparently. This white and grey kitty has earned instant internet fame after posing with tiny prosthetic human hands, much to everyone’s delight and horror.

So no, this isn’t actually some sort of attempt at a feline version of Frankenstein’s monster. In reality, the miniature hands have been positioned so that it looks like they’re attached to the cat’s arms, instead of paws.

Image: @apricotbelly | Twitter 

Three images of the cat were recently shared on Twitter by user @apricotbelly. Within the short space of a few hours, thousands of fellow users had responded to the photos – the tweet currently has over 170,000 re-tweets and more than 200,000 likes.


“i always knew cats would make me famous” wrote Twitter user @apricotbelly, also known as Emma, a day after sharing the pics.

Image: @apricotbelly | Twitter

Whilst some people are calling this ‘cute’ (Emma included!), others are confused and even frightened by the photos.

“i do NOT like this. nope nope nope.” Twitter user @klsyklsyklsy has written.


“that’s terrifying 😂” commented @SillaRue, with @anayc__ replying “hahaha at first I didn’t realize what I was even looking at but now I’m just happy to know it exists”.

“has science gone too far?” Joked @Sam_Ghee.

Image: @apricotbelly | Twitter 

With the exact nature of these pics up for debate, everyone seems to have an opinion about them. But what does Emma think? Whilst she admits that the photos could seem disturbing to others, Emma herself has said that she finds them “cute”.

“I love kitties,” she has said. “Everyone else finds them creepy, though.”

One thing’s for certain – the cat in the photos certainly has the face for the camera, and has features that remind us a lot of feline internet celebrity, Grumpy Cat. Maybe this kitty’s fame will only escalate from here…

Creepy or cute? Let us know what you think in the comments!



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