Chanelle Hayes Makes A U-Turn On Weight During This Morning Interview

Chanelle Hayes Makes A U-Turn On Weight During This Morning Interview

A few months ago, reality television star Chanelle Hayes revealed that she was happy with her size 14-16 figure.

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However, in her appearance on This Morning this morning (haha) she admitted that now she has gone up to a size 18, her physical health has begun declining and she’s determined to shed some weight to attempt to remedy the situation.

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Appearing on This Morning alongside hosts Phillip Schofield and Davina McCall, the former Big Brother star admitted that her constant back pain as a result of her heavier weight means she’s taking several types of painkillers.

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She explained that “I’m a size 18 – I’m too heavy. I’m on painkillers simply because I’m too heavy for my frame.”

Chanelle is a mother of one, and has said that her doctor has diagnosed her as being “on the brink of type two diabetes”.

She says that “I’d like to be back to a size 12 or 14. I’m just going to have to make better choices  – I’ve got to be more responsible.”

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However, Chanelle remains adamant that her decision to lose weight isn’t about her appearance – it’s purely because of her decline in health that she is feeling the need for a change.

“It’s not so much how I look – it’s my left knee’s always hurting, I slipped two discs, getting out of breath…”

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Chanelle revealed that she has often times been too tired to play with her son, Blake, and that her menstrual cycle has been affected by her weight gain, so if she wanted to have more children, she would need to lose a bit of weight.

Of her boyfriend, PE teacher Ryan Oates, she said “I’m sure he’ll be in the park whipping me into shape. He’s even said he’ put on weight because of me.”

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That being said, she admitted that she has yet to start her new weight loss regime. After admitting to having a full English breakfast this morning, she said “Who starts their diet on the first of January? You’re bound to fail! I can feel my jeans about to pop open!”