Channel 5 Aired 'Watership Down' This Easter And People Are Traumatised

Channel 5 Aired ‘Watership Down’ This Easter And People Are Traumatised

Channel 5 Aired ‘Watership Down’ This Easter And People Are Traumatised


Around Easter time last year, Channel Five were blasted for showing the classic movie Watership Down. Well this year they have ignored all those neigh sayers and decided to show it for a 2nd year in a row on Easter Sunday.

Although the film is a cartoon and is rated U, it is not recommended for children and does contain quite a bit of violence and blood.

The films original release was back in 1978, after it was adapted from the book written by WWII veteran Richard Adams. It is easy to see where he got his inspiration from when you see the rabbits are slaughtered all over the place as they try to establish a new colony free of tyranny and human intervention.

Today Twitter has once again lit up with parents and others who have been left traumatised by the movie. 

One tweeted: “Cheers C5 for showing Watership Down on Easter Sunday. Will be using that to teach the kids a lesson next time they are being utter sh**es.”

A channel Five spokesperson told Mirror Online: “Watership Down has become a seasonal tradition on Channel 5 so we’ve decided not to buck the trend in 2017.

“Whilst suitable for transmission in its timeslot, we recognise that the film may not appeal to everyone which is why there was clear advice before transmission and every programme segment as to the nature of the content.”

What do you think? Should they have shown it with all these kids watching or is it just a bit too upsetting?


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