16+ Random Images That Will Take You Straight Back To Your Childhood

16+ Random Images That Will Take You Straight Back To Your Childhood


If you grew up in the 1980’s the sad truth is, you will have probably forgotten about a lot of things you used to love to do and play with in your childhood.


Although Christmas and birthdays always brought us great gifts, we grow up and forget about them as things like rent and mortgage payments take over in our list of priorities.

In the list below we have collated a load of items you probably forgot about but that will make you reminisce back to better times. Although a lot of the technology back then was so much simpler, somehow it seems no less fun that what is on offer today. I would love to grab an old Donkey Kong game to give it a play and am sure I would enjoy it just as much today as I did all those years ago.

So here we go with the list…

1. Game and Watch games. They were all cool but the best had to be Donkey Kong or Legend of Zelda.

2. Trying to get to the bottom of the ice cream so you can get to the bubblegum ball.

3. These hideous things in gym class. Not sure I ever made it to the top.

4. Collecting Polly Pockets and loving them all. Ir if you were a guy, never really understanding what all the fuss is about.


5. Recording the top 40 off the radio on tape.

6. Covering your school exercise books in brown paper.

7. These were so much fun!

8. The competitor to the Etch a sketch.

9. Major Morgan.

10. When McDonalds came in these cartons instead of cardboard.

11. Reading this to get the latest listings.

12. Walking on these mats when you got in the house.

13. Ink cartridges off your fountain pen.

14. This stuff sent from the gods.

15. Everyones nan had this cutlery.

16. Getting your feet measured at Clarks!