These Clothing Fails Will Make You Feel Awkward

These Clothing Fails Will Make You Feel Awkward

These Clothing Fails Will Make You Feel Awkward

We’ve all perhaps looked back at an old photo of ourselves and had the thought ‘I went out wearing THAT. Jeez, what was I thinking.’ But some clothing fails are worse than others, as we’re about to see.

The culprits in these photos are sure to look back in a few years time and wish they’d had a look in the mirror before they ventured out in the world and inflicted these eyesores upon us. So let’s go together, wincing and cringing as we take a look at some of the worst clothing disasters to befall the human race.

1. Can I Give You A Hand

This bra gives you an extra hand…or two…when it comes to supporting certain things. We’re sure the intention was good, but we’re not entirely sure it is wanted.

2. Hole In One

Yes, ripped jeans are all the rage at the moment, but we think these go a little too far. This poor girl has obviously caught herself on something whilst out – but that hasn’t stopped her getting some food. You go girl!

3. We Have a Strong Op-Minion About This One…

Ermm. Ok. What can be said about this? Not much really. I’ve heard of Minion fancy dress outfits, but never about a Minion bikini set…and there’s good reason for that. It’s HORRENDOUS. Don’t do it. Nope. Goodbye.

4. Pocket-less

Ok so who needs pockets right? Exactly, no one! Well, that’s what the makers of these jeans seem to think anyhow. And what to put instead of pockets? Nothing – just leave some holes there. Personally, I quite like pockets, so I won’t be getting these anytime soon.

5. Tricky Mickey 

This otherwise innocent Mickey Mouse jumper takes on a ‘hole’ different meaning when tied around your waist. This is something the makers obviously didn’t think about, but after seeing this photo, we’re sure they will in the future.

6. A Furry Fail

Yes, everybody loves cats. Some people think cats should be everywhere. The creators of these legins thinks cats should be everywhere, including places that they really, really shouldn’t be. Not flattering…not flattering at all.

7. Pepe-The-WHAT?


Just like cats, everybody loves a good meme but WHAT! We don’t like memes this much. But we do have to admit, it is rather funny. So perhaps not one for day-to-day wear, but maybe a sure-fire hit for a fancy dress party.

8. We’re Hooked!

There’s something fishy about this. Ahh yes, that’s it…this person has fish on their feet. Now, crocs you can just about get away with but cods? We don’t think so.

9. Franken-tights

My eyes! My poor eyes. Are these boots? Are the fish net tight? It couldn’t possibly be? Why yes, I think it is…it’s a combination of the two! Some things, like chips and cheese, just go together. These do not.

10. Blending In

Why match your shoes to your outfit when you can match them to the carpet? This is extra on another level. Weirdly, I’m sure the shoes would work normally without the carpet but here? Naa. Off you pop.

11. When the Glove’s On The Other Foot…

Is it a glove? Is it a sock? No! It’s a…we’re not sure what it is. I cannot think of one situation where these would be more useful than shoes. What do we do with our toes that we can’t do when they’re tucked away nice and snugly in our shoes? Nothing, so move on.


Ahh the classic ‘my jeans are like three times too long so I’ll just fold them up on themselves’ look. This has been worn my no one ever and should remain that way. It is disgusting and ugly and I don’t want to see it anymore.

So, that concludes our list of massive fashion fails. Which one do you think is the biggest crime of them all? Let us know.