Cool Facts About 'The Goonies' As It Turns 30 Years Old

Cool Facts About ‘The Goonies’ As It Turns 30 Years Old

Cool Facts About ‘The Goonies’ As It Turns 30 Years Old

Wow! It’s the 30th anniversary of 80’s cult film The Goonies.

The film had an all-kid cast and followed the story of working class children in Astoria, Oregan, as they look for hidden pirate treasure. The town itself is celebrating with an exciting  four day Goonies festival.

To honour the anniversary, here are 18 facts you might not know about the production of the film.


1. The reaction of all the kids upon seeing Willie’s ship is authentic, as this was really the first time they’d ever seen it. 

Director Richard Donner wanted the most realistic response possible, so held off on showing the ship to the kids until shooting time.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired when so many of the kids cursed that they had to reshoot anyway.

2. John Matuszak, A.K.A. Sloth, was originally an NFL defensive linesman for the Oakland Raiders.

Image: Warner Bros.


Which is why the late actor can be spotted in a Raiders t-shirt in the film. Superman of 1978 was another film directed by Richard Donner, hence the shirt above.

3. There’s a mini R2-D2 on the deck of the model ship sailing at the end of the film.

Look closely!

4. Originally, a Goonies oath appeared in the film

It was since cut from the script, but went like this: “I will never betray my Goon deck friends/ We’ll stick together until the whole world ends/ Through heaven and hell and nuclear war/ Good pals like us will stick like tar/ In the city, or the country or the forest or the boonies/ I am proudly declared a fellow Goony.”

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