20 Customers Who Were Very Embarrassingly Wrong

20 Customers Who Were Very Embarrassingly Wrong

News flash, the customer actually isn’t always right. Despite what we’ve been told throughout the years, customers are sometimes extremely wrong and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t get away with these crimes.

You will be horrified at how ridiculous some of these customers are. Are they just plain stupid or are they seeing how much they can get away with? Either way, if you’ve ever worked in food or retail, you’ll know what I mean when I say the customer is usually wrong…

1.) Returning Lego for the DUMBEST reason

mbz321 / Via reddit.com

How can you go through your life not knowing this? What did they think the purpose of Lego was? And why did they think that they were justified to return it due to their OWN stupidity? Honestly, customers are the weirdest people.

2.) Maybe this is your problem, not O2’s

Via JRhodesPianist

I love how O2 shot back here, the ultimate sassy response. I doubt this guy knows 246 girls, he has probably spammed them all by now with endless texts. I think O2 is working fine, buddy, she probably just isn’t interested…hate to break it to you.

3.) She left something important behind…


Yep, this customer was definitely very WRONG in this situation. I don’t understand people, how can you leave your house specifically to go to the vets and FORGET your DOG?! That’s like forgetting to bring your wife to the hospital when she’s in labour or forgetting your parachute on a skydive (that got dark).

4.) Oh, snap!

London Overground

This one is brilliant. People will ALWAYS try to blame something or someone else for being late. How about just actually leaving on time? Love it when the companies fight back!

5.) Unrealistic delivery expectations

ajl5991 / Via reddit.com

When you are the person that ordered something, surely you would KNOW the size of the package? I hope this customer was joking about leaving it under the doormat and wasn’t being serious. I’m glad the delivery driver played along though!

6.) I forgot Virgin Trains controlled the weather!

Virgin Trains

Customers ALWAYS complain when transport stops because of the weather. I’m SORRY these transport companies want to keep you safe and don’t want to risk driving in dangerous conditions, it’s just so AWFUL, isn’t it?!

7.) How can you not know how EXPIRY dates work?!


You know the word ‘expiry’ or ‘best before’ means you have to use it BEFORE the date on the bottle?! How had this customer just not thought that made no sense and the date must mean something else? This HAS to be a joke, please.

8.) Excuse me?

Twitter: @jakelon8 / Via Twitter: @jakelon8

Who complains about food coming TOO quick?! My food can’t come quick enough after I’ve ordered it. Also, sending it back? That’s just unreasonable. This customer is the most wrong of them all.

9.) This customer thought they diagnosed the problem

ehanda21 / Via reddit.com

What? I actually have no words, some people just really do have no idea. At least this customer THOUGHT he was helping but he really wasn’t.

10.) Complaining for no reason

This customer obviously had no real reason for complaining, they just felt like it. This just shows how very wrong customers are so easy to fool, they are just always complaining for absolutely no reason.

11.) Chipotle customers are obviously the stupidest of them all

whitemike40 / Via reddit.com

I’m sorry, but why are Chipotle customers all completely unaware of what a bay leaf is? Like, is it just a certain kind of person that goes there? Hopefully, they have all learnt now and have stopped complaining about a very normal leaf commonly used in cooking.

12.) Pointless customer question 101

dontfearlionhere / Via reddit.com

This customer doesn’t know that they are very capable of taking their OWN selfies if they really wanted to, shocking, I know. I’m glad this got cleared up, though.

13.) Fatal mistake

samfox11223 / Via reddit.com

Oh man, this does suck. I mean, you’d think it would have (and probably did) say cellophane on the label and probably wasn’t with the rest of the wrapping paper but hey-ho, we all make mistakes.

14.) Americans shouldn’t go to French grocery stores

Jonny_Hyrulian / Via reddit.com

I don’t think Americans should go to France, full stop. They clearly get very confused very easily. It’s probably best they stick to where they are and don’t venture into other, fancy cultures.

15.) She took the entire cart stand


Clearly, this woman doesn’t play by the rules. She needed one cart but she was like, “I’m better than that, I’m going to take the ENTIRE stand instead because I’m a badass.” I mean, come on, she must have done this intentionally, how could you NOT notice?!

16.) Compatible computer equipment

Homer_JG / Via reddit.com

Wow. This person probably shouldn’t own a computer or be allowed on the internet if they really think a mousepad needs to be compatible with the computer they use.

17.) They hit an extra ‘0’ while ordering…


That’s an INTENSE screw bolt. That looks like it’s for a huge bridge or something. Next time, check your numbers when you order or you might end up with something like this.

18.) Double check before you tweet

ion_ / Via reddit.com

I have no idea why this customer didn’t think of checking BOTH sides of the pizza before tweeting. That’s pretty tragic though because now all the toppings will be stuck to the lid. I guess that’s what you pay for being a stupid customer.

19.) I don’t think that’s weed…

thesweetescape101 / Via reddit.com

Honestly, I used this lush face scrub and now I can REALLY see the resemblance to weed. It’s hilarious that this guy actually bought it…sucks to be you, my friend.

20.) This customer doesn’t know what life-size means

Arborealbro / Via reddit.com

If you want a LIFE-SIZE model of Jupiter, you would be 1,300 times bigger than Earth. I think this guy needs to revisit science class.

If you work in retail or food, I hope these WRONG customers made you laugh through the pain of dealing with them every day. If you are one of these wrong customers, please accept that you are wrong and move on, we can forgive you.