Dad Accidentally Sends His Son A Dick Pic… His Kid’s Reaction Is FANTASTIC

Dad Accidentally Sends His Son A Dick Pic… His Kid’s Reaction Is FANTASTIC

With the constant improvements and developments of technology, getting in touch with family and friends has never been easier. Long distance relationships are more likely to thrive, you can keep in touch with friends from your childhood, and you can even give your aunt Linda a call on her birthday after a useful reminder from your Dad…

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TNI Press

Oops! Technology, for all of its benefits, also comes with flaws. Like accidentally sending texts to the wrong person when you’re obviously talking about them to someone else, or the ever-present fear that you’ll accidentally send a nude to the wrong person. Like your son.



A moment of silence for this poor young man who has been scarred for life by a picture of his Dad’s junk…

Fortunately, this son’s reaction is more priceless than the technological mishap itself!





What’s a dick pic among father and son?


And apparently, this isn’t the first time this son has received risque photos from his parents…


This kid’s poor Dad could not be any more mortified, which I imagine was the son’s intention…


Zing! This son really succeeded in winding his Dad up, and fair enough, too! I don’t think this Dad will be sending nudes so carelessly in the future.

“Maybe be a little more careful with your goddamn penis in future. I’m your child, I do not want to think about your genitals.”

On a scale of “Bleach Your Eyes Right There And Then” to “Send A Dick Pic Back”, how do you think you would react to a picture of your parent’s genitals being sent to you?

How do you think you would react if you found yourself in this situation?

Lets just hope that the dick pic was intended for his wife, right?