Danny Dyer Is Officially Heading Into Love Island

Danny Dyer Is Officially Heading Into Love Island

Danny Dyer Is Officially Heading Into Love Island

Danny Dyer, father of the appropriately-named Dani Dyer, has officially announced that he will be stepping into the Love Island villa. Viewers will soon be able to watch him cramping his daughter’s style and cracking awkward dad jokes on screen, because the Eastenders favourite has decided that it’s time for him to jump on the Love Island bandwagon.

His daughter Dani has become a firm favourite amongst fans of the show, thanks to her budding relationship with pen salesman Jack Fincham, and now it looks as though Danny is getting ready to jet out to Mallorca and meet his so-called ‘future son in law’ whilst the cameras are rolling.

The East London actor, who made his name in iconic British films such as Football Factory and Human Traffic, made the surprising announcement via Twitter.

Speaking to his followers Dyer said:

I’ve only gone and made the shortlist for the TV choice awards. If you fancy it whack a vote my way…..right…I’m off to the villa…to sign my future son in laws canvas….lovely

The news was later confirmed by Dani’s mum Jo Mas, who said that Danny ‘will definitely be heading to the villa’. There were some issues surrounding his filming schedule, but those appear to have been resolved now. Whilst the show normally has a ‘meet the parents’ style segment at one point during the series, we think that this one will definitely be the most exciting appearance to date!

Will you be watching Danny’s arrival at the villa? And what is Dani going to make of her dad turning up?!

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