Daughter Caught Signing Lyrics To Deaf Dad At Three Days Grace Concert In Canada

Daughter Caught Signing Lyrics To Deaf Dad At Three Days Grace Concert In Canada

Daughter Caught Signing Lyrics To Deaf Dad At Three Days Grace Concert In Canada

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Folks! May I have your attention, please? Because I have found the SWEETEST video on the internet, and I want to share it with all you wonderful people, because it’s just too magical not to share.

Recently, a video of a teen who is using American Sign Language in order to “sing” the lyrics to a song at a rock concert, and it has touched the heart of MILLIONS (me included).

This wonderful teen is Karri Carberry, and she’s 19 years old. She signed the lyrics to “Just Like You” by rock band Three Days Grace during the band’s show in Canada on December 12th of this year. There isn’t anything wrong with Carberry’s hearing, but her dad is completely deaf, as she explained to “Good Morning America”.

“It was our first concert together,” said Carberry of Edmonton, Alberta. “I feel absolutely shocked and amazed at all of the views and responses we have been getting! It’s an amazing feeling and we’re both very happy that everyone around the world is enjoying it so much.”

But it was actually fellow concertgoer, Julianne Cragg who captured the beautiful moment on video while Carberry rocked out with her dear dead.

Cragg then took to Facebook to share the video (and I am so thankful she did), and it has now been shared just over 17 million times. 17 MILLION. Hardly surprising though. Cragg told “GMA” that at first, she wasn’t intentionally filming the pair but was actually filming the band performing on stage. However, after she realized what Carberry was doing for her father, she couldn’t help but capture the moment on film. And she’s really glad that she did.

“I’m thrilled that it’s made a few people happy,” Cragg said herself.

In fact, the video is so popular now, that even the band themselves, Thee Days Grace, were alerted to the existence of the video and commented  “This is the coolest thing on the internet right now!!! so sweet.”.  I mean, it doesn’t get much cooler than that really, does it?

Would you like to see the full video for yourself? Of course you would. Here it is below!

I could honestly watch this video all day. This is definitely a concert Carberry and her dad will not be forgetting anytime soon, and what an amazing thing to do for your father! Hopefully, there are many more concerts together in their future.