Digisexuals Are On The Rise: A new evolution in sex

Digisexuals Are On The Rise: A new evolution in sex

Digisexuals Are On The Rise: A new evolution in sex

Sexual fetishes are nothing new. Since the Paleolithic era, humans have been creating images and objects for sexual desire. The Egyptians had papyrus’ comparable to today’s porn magazines, the Greeks wrote some of the first surviving lesbian eroticism and the Moche of Peru had images of skeletons masturbating or being masturbated by women. It has only been within the last 200 year the modern concept of pornography has existed and even then it’s meaning has evolved.

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The Daily Mail has reported that the number of people who are having there sexual needs satisfied by technology is growing and calls for psychotherapists to be prepared for a rise in digisexuals. They have however failed to state why this is a bad thing.

A fetish in its self, that is any sexually arousing stimuli, is not in any way a psychological problem. In fact, it is relatively normal with one report in ‘The Journal of Sex Research’ in March of last year suggested that just under half of the population engaged in some sort of sexual fetishism, although they admit the rate is likely to be higher. They found no difference between the rates in men and women.

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The only time a sexual fetish would be referred to a clinical psychotherapist is if it was having a server negative impact on the fetishist which is not very common and normally linked to other bigger issues.

For many, a sex robot is just an evolution of masturbational aids which again have been around as long as humans. Current models of sexbot are still in the infancy of the technology. They currently are mostly connected to Wifi which allows them to communicate with the owner and can perform different sex positions.

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While some sexbot owners have said they use there sexbot for most if not all of their sexual needs others have them as a supplement for there desires. To most there is is no difference between what they are doing, and what pretty much every other human does, masturbate.

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One sexbot, Silicon Samantha, has got the beginnings of AI and can switch between ‘family’ and ‘sexy’ modes. Interesting the goal isn’t for the owner in fact “The final objective of the sexual mode is to give her an orgasm.” according to her inventor.

Experts suggest that while it may seem a little odd now it could become the norm in as little as 25 years.