Doctor Who Actor Peter Miles Has Died

Doctor Who Actor Peter Miles Has Died

Doctor Who Actor Peter Miles Has Died

Peter Miles, who is well known for featuring in Doctor Who, has sadly passed away at the age of 89. Miles famously portrayed Davros’ henchman Nyder on the sci-fi hit show.

News of his death was broken on the actors Twitter page on Tuesday, which revealed that Miles had passed away at his own home sometime last week.


‘It is with great sadness that I have to inform you Peter passed away peaceful at home, last week at the age of 89,’ the page said. ‘He didn’t suffer & was full of his usual love of life last time we spoke. Thank you all for your interest in Peter, it meant a lot to him, he was always touched.’

Miles was well known on British television, having also starred in the classic crime show Z Cars, and Blake’s 7. He also played several characters in Doctor Who, and contributed to several other Doctor Who spin offs. He is best remembered for his role of Nyder, in the serial Genesis of The Daleks, in which he starred alongside the infamous Tom Baker, who played the coveted role of the Doctor.

In later life he also went on the appear in the Radio 5 audio drama The Paradise Of Death, 24 years ago in 1993. The online Doctor Who Twitter page, @DrWhoOnline, paid tribute to Miles.

It is with a heavy heart we announce that Peter Miles has passed away,’ they said on Twitter. ‘A fantastic villain on the show and an incredibly kind and gentle man in real life.’

Peter began his career in theatre, and performed with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, and also featured with the UK’s most prestigious theatre group, the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He rose to prominence in the 1970’s with his Doctor Who based roles.

It’s not just acting however, where his talents laid, he was also an accomplished jazz singer, and worked with some of the worlds top musicians. He was a dear friend to one of the worlds most famous soul and pop singers, Dusty Springfield.

The news comes as his beloved Doctor Who faces a period of transformation, with the show striving to involve more women in the show.

Jodie Whittaker was revealed as the new Doctor back in 2017, and is the first female to have secured the illustrious role. The actress, is known more notably for starring in ITV’s drama Broadchurch.

It’s safe to say she was over the moon with it.

“This is the defining moment of my life, I feel old enough for it. And I feel like I understand how important it is, and I’m so excited that the role models for young children, boys or girls… or teenagers, or adults, come in different forms. There’s nothing unattainable about me. I don’t look like I’ve been carved out of rock. I don’t sound like I’ve had the extraordinary glamour.”

It’s amazing to be a milestone, but how wonderful if it wasn’t, if it was just accepted, embraced. I’m not dissing the moment—it’s f**king brilliant—but hopefully when other people grow up, it’s not so much of a surprise.”

It has also be revealed that the new series will feature a number of episodes written by women. Doctor Who between 2007-2015 featured no episodes written by females.

The writing team assembled are completely fresh and new to the show.

“Having a diverse team on that show feels appropriate, important and essential,”  Piers Wenger confirmed.

This follows criticism aimed at the BBC in relation to gender equality. It looks like the Beeb are now looking to bring their most iconic show into the 21st Century.