Doctors Are Officially Attempting To Outlaw Spanking From Households

Doctors Are Officially Attempting To Outlaw Spanking From Households

Doctors Are Officially Attempting To Outlaw Spanking From Households

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    Parenting; it sure as heck ain’t easy. There’s no manual to read from, most of the time it’s just sheer guesswork, and because of this – every parent has their very own parenting style… which is fine, because if it works, then it works right?

    For example, some parents out there prefer to let their children go without discipline, as they believe that their children will eventually learn from their mistakes and thus will become stronger adults because of it. There are also other parents out there who are so strict that they don’t even give their children a chance to make mistakes because they monitor their children’s every. single. move thus they don’t have to discipline them because they aren’t actually able to do anything wrong.

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    And then there are the other parents who fall somewhere neatly in between, and they will only hand out discipline when it’s extremely needed. Well… they try to at least, that is. 

    The question burning on everybodies mind, however, is this; which type of parenting is the best? Well, there’s no easy way to answer this, as I’m sure you can imagine, and what most people would say it to just do what works best for you and your family. When it comes to spanking, however, everyone chooses a side it seems. People are either totally for it, or totally against it… there’s often no in-between.  Even parenting “experts” have an opinion.

    John Drewicz, Association of Educational Psychologists national executive committee member, has said:

    “Smacking is harmful to a child’s mental health, it models aggressive behavior and it says to them that it is OK to use violence. Sixty countries already have full bans, including Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and Portugal, and it is time to make violence against children illegal in the UK in all settings, including the home.”

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    However, not everyone seems to agree that this is the right answer, surprise surprise.

    There are some people out there who support the parents who choose to use spanking as a way to discipline their children. They claim that telling people how to parent and telling parents when they are “wrong” only undermines them, which isn’t a good thing. Still, they want parents to understand that spanking their children is technically different from physically harming them or actually abusing them. There has to be a line drawn somewhere.

    Dr. Mary Bousted, who is the joint general secretary of the National Education Union, explained that parents have the right to set boundaries for their children and discipline them in a reasonable way.