EastEnders Fan Got Homeless Ian Beale Tattoo Sought Help From Tattoo Fixers...

EastEnders Fan Got Homeless Ian Beale Tattoo Sought Help From Tattoo Fixers…

A woman got a tattoo of homeless Ian Beale on her thigh after losing a drunken bet. Recently, she appeared on Tattoo Fixers hoping to get her ink upgraded.

Amber-May Ellis went to the Tattoo Fixers and explained, “I’ve been labelled one of Britain’s biggest t****** because of my tattoo – and I need your help.”

She proceeded to explain the story behind her tattoo to receptionist Paisley and the Fixers…



“It was last Halloween, and we decided to have a Halloween party. Someone from two years below me at uni came and my friend was like ‘don’t sleep with him’ and I wasn’t even that interested until someone said ‘don’t do it.’ They said if you do it you have to get this tattoo, and I was like ‘right, ok’. In the morning, my best mate looked at me and was like ‘so when you booking in your tattoo then?’”


“We had a tattoo shop round the corner from where we lived and I was a bit friendly with my old tattooist, so I got it done – but I didn’t get it finished.”

Then, she shows them the losing bet tattoo…


Sketch covers his face with his hat, saying, “Oh my god I know who it is, oh my god that’s shocking.”

Paisley adds, “I know who it is… it’s Ian Beale!”


Alice is confused, though, “I don’t get why he looks like that…”

Amber admits that the tattoo was inspired by Ian’s “homeless phase”. The most shocking thing is that Amber is actually quite fond of her Ian Beale tribute, so she didn’t want him covering, she wanted to have him finished!

Sketch decides to vamp up the EastEnders sketch and add a snazzy frame to finish it off…

Do you think she liked it?


The end result was pretty impressive, with the frame reading “Keep it real like Ian Beale.”

Amber was chuffed, too!

“Oh my god, I love it, you can actually tell it’s him now! I don’t even know what to say as I didn’t think it would be this good.”



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