Elon Musk Offers Helping Hand In Thai Cave Rescue

Elon Musk Offers Helping Hand In Thai Cave Rescue

Elon Musk Offers Helping Hand In Thai Cave Rescue

Tech billionaire and real-life Tony Stark Elon Musk is lending a hand in the increasingly desperate Thai cave rescue operation, after an ex-navy SEAL diver died of asphyxiation on return from delivering oxygen tanks to the stranded.

Tesla founder Musk is sending engineers from his SpaceX and The Boring Company, a tunnel construction company founded by Musk two years ago, to the Tham Luang Nang Non caves in northern Thailand. 12 boys aged 12-15 and their football coach have been trapped there since June 23.

With monsoon season now in full force in Thailand, there is a possibility that all 13 of the stranded will be forced to remain in the cave complex until October. Owing to the sheer number of rescuers involved in the operation, the oxygen in the chamber the football team are stranded in is said to have dropped to 15% from normal levels of 21%.

Not content to sit back and simply watch the situation unfold, Elon Musk today declared on Twitter that he is in talks with the Thai government regarding use of his companies’ resources in aiding the rescue mission.

About The Boring Company, Musk tweeted that he has “ground penetrating radar”, as well as machinery he says is “pretty good at digging holes”, at his disposal. Meanwhile, SpaceX and Boring engineers are, according to Musk, on their way to offer “support on the ground” today.

This isn’t the first time the entrepreneur has turned Jeff Tracy over a global humanitarian effort. Earlier this year, Musk’s Tesla provided power to Puerto Rico, when the island was left without electricity after being struck by a category 4 hurricane.