Ever Thought You Could Do Better At The Crystal Maze? Here’s Your Chance To Prove It

Ever Thought You Could Do Better At The Crystal Maze? Here’s Your Chance To Prove It

Ever Thought You Could Do Better At The Crystal Maze? Here’s Your Chance To Prove It

We’ve all watched the Crystal Maze and thought “I could do better than them”. You know the scene; someone is in a room with a time limit, fumbling around, trying to work out the solution to the puzzle that will unlock the Crystal. Instead of taking a step back and trying to calmly work out the solution they panic, and it’s hardly surprising considering that their team-mates are shouting at them in unison from outside the room. Before you know it the door is locked and they’re stuck, their only chance of release being if their friends decide to buy their freedom with a crystal they won earlier.

It’s easy to watch the show from the comfort and peace of our own living rooms and declare that they don’t know what they’re doing and that the solution is easy, especially when there’s no chance of us having to try it ourselves. Well now there is a chance…

‘The Crystal Maze Live Experience’ claims ‘In the 90’s, The Crystal Maze was one of the UK’s favourite television shows. Now it’s your turn to be the star of the show’. It goes on to say that it is ‘the ultimate team challenge, in which you and your friends face challenges testing your skill, mental and physical ability across four adventure time zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. For each challenge completed your team will earn a Crystal. The more Crystals you earn, the more time you’ll get in the final challenge – The Crystal Dome!’

Taking part means building a team of 8 of your friends (hopefully with a variety of skills) to take on the Maze’s challenges. Just like in the TV show, you are led by your ‘Maze Master’ as you travel across the 4 zones, facing a variety of challenges and games along the way.

The website says that ‘In each Zone individual members of your team will take on 2-3 minute long games of either the Physical, Mental, Skill or Mystery category. For each game successfully completed your time will earn a Crystal’. And again, exactly as in the TV show ‘for each Crystal earned your team will get time in the final challenge – The Crystal Dome. In the Dome your team must work together to catch as many gold tickets as possible as the Dome’s fans blow them in the air’.

The Crystal Maze Live Experience is located in both London and Manchester, and for full details you should visit their website, which even has a list of the best overall team scores.

I don’t know about you but I think it sounds amazing. Finally we can put ourselves to the test and discover if the challenges really are that much harder when you’re in the room trying to solve them yourself.

Would you give it a go or would you prefer to simply continue watching it on your TV screen?


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