Facebook Just Announced Their New Features For Valentine's Day

Facebook Just Announced Their New Features For Valentine’s Day

Facebook Just Announced Their New Features For Valentine’s Day

Facebook is a great place to connect with people and share messages with the people that are most important to you, whether it’s a casual chat with a friend, planning a date night with your partner or even arranging a night out with the girls.

Today, Facebook announced a great feature that’s fun for you to use on Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship on Facebook, you’ll receive a Messenger notification that will take you straight to a chat with your loved one. If you’re not in a relationship on Facebook, then it’s time to go Facebook Official!

From there, a few things will happen..

It will start raining hearts, a shower of hearts will fall down your screen.

You get your own custom emoji in the lower right hand corner, in which you can spread the love fast and easy.

You can personalise your chat, so set your text colour, emoji and even your own nickname if you want to switch things up.

So you can easily see when your love one is available to chat, your other half will be the first to appear in the active tab.

Facebook thought it would be a great thing to introduce for the people of Facebook to express their love for each other.

They found that emojis are the new language of love, as more than 2 billion emojis are sent through Messenger everyday.

Red is the most popular chat colour, for those who like personalised chats.

Valentine’s Day was one of the most popular active days on Messenger last year and with high hopes for that happening again, there’ll be plenty more love emojis to share around tomorrow.

If you’re wanting to send a love note tomorrow, make sure you make it extra special with the variety of filters and effects to choose from within the Messenger camera.

For the heart eyes filter, jus open your mouth and you’ll see an animation or even add some festive love by choosing the falling candy heart effect.

Whether you’re already in a conversation with someone or you’ve just opened up Messenger, the camera is one swipe away.

You can also use the filters and effects in Messenger video chat. To call your loved one, you can start by opening a one on one or group chat and click the video icon in the top right hand corner. Then tap the star icon to access all of the amazing filters and effects.