Fans Find New Evidence That Love Island Is Fixed

Fans Find New Evidence That Love Island Is Fixed

Fans Find New Evidence That Love Island Is Fixed

This year’s series of Love Island proves to be more and more controversial, with claims of the show being fixed seemingly coming every other day. Well today is one of those days, with yet another claim supposedly showing how fixed the show really is.

Alexandra Cane caused quite the stir on Thursday night’s episode of Love Island when she entered the villa and immediately chose to go on dates with Jack Fowler and Dr Alex George.

Yet fans of the show have been left baffled that the make-up artist seemed so at ease with the new guys, but failed to mention that she already knows Islander Megan Barton Hanson.

A picture of the pair posing up a storm began circulating online after the episode, proving that the glamorous girls have indeed met before, and prompting some fans to call the show a ‘fix’.

Taking to Twitter, viewers posted: ‘@LoveIsland how come Megan didn’t let on that she already knew Alexandra ? Makes me think it’s all a fix ?? #LoveIsIand #fakeisland #scripted?

‘So Megan & Alexandra know each other but I haven’t even seen them talk to each other yet #LoveIsland’; ‘Is Megan really pretending she don’t know Alexandra? #LoveIsland’

‘Why is Alexandra pretending she doesn’t already know Megan #loveisland’; ‘Alexandra and Megan are mates apparently? #LoveIsland’; ‘so megan is friends with/knows alexandra…interesting #LoveIsland

‘Apparently, Alexandra is Megan’s friend…. @LoveIsland? #loveisland’; ‘New girl Alexandra cane going in #loveisland tomorrow is good friends with Megan! Fishy… #loveisland @LoveIsland’

Alexandra picked Dr Alex for an intimate brunch date as she revealed the hunky medic is exactly what she is looking for.

The makeup artist has worked with the model Demi Rose in the past and admitted to Alex on their date: ‘I feel like people haven’t really given you a chance and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know you.

‘You seem so respectful and you seem like such a gentleman and that is really what I’m looking for. My mum loves you, she was like “go for the Doctor”!’

They later discussed their mutual love of cars as they lounged by the poolside in the villa.

In the Beach Hut, Alexandra confessed: ‘Alex is such a gentleman, he is so respectful, he is somebody that I can talk to, he is supportive and understanding and that’s what I’m looking for.’

But like most people in that villa (apart from Jack and Dani of course) she also has her eyes elsewhere, confessing that she was drawn to the newcomer Idris Virgo and that she enjoyed her date with Jack.