What Your Favourite 80s Female Rockers Are Up To Nowadays

What Your Favourite 80s Female Rockers Are Up To Nowadays


Let’s take a look at some of everyone’s favourite 80s rocker ladies and what they’re doing today!



1. Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)


Signed by MCA in December 1986, this British alternative rock group reached the peak of their success in the late 80s. With lead singer Wendy James drawing in attention from the media with her memorable anarchistic image, the band produced their first popular hit, “I Want Your Love”, in 1988. Their debut album Pop Art was a roaring success in the UK.


However, they are probably best known for their pop punk single “Baby I Don’t Care”, which was released in 1989. The single reached #3 in the UK and Australia. Additionally, their second album Velveteen stayed at #1 on the UK Albums Chart for an impressive 26 weeks.

The band split in 1992, shortly after MCA wouldn’t release Transvision Vamp’s third album – Little Magnets Versus the Bubble of Babble – due to disliking the album’s “mellow” sound. Wendy James has commented about the third album:

“…the English record label had said they weren’t convinced about this record, we’re going to hold off on it and see how well it does in other countries first.” she said. “By the time they were ready to release it, we’d already decided to split up, and so it never came out.”


After leaving the band, James went on to pursue a (somewhat disappointing) solo career, with her album Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tears only reaching #43 on the 1993 charts. In 2004, she formed another band by the name of Racine, and they managed to release two albums before they split only four years later.

At age 51, Wendy is still the sassy and rebellious blonde bombshell. Her single “Bad Intentions And A Bit Of Cruelty” was released in 2015, followed by her album The Price of a Ticket.

She currently lives in New York, and in interview with Scotman, has told us what life is like for her nowadays:

“I’ve just got my own little life going.

“Every day I get up in the morning, pick up my guitar and a pile of lyrics.

“The music builds up in me and I write down the things I think. Then a song pings out, and the whole thing starts again.”

2. Kim Wilde


Kim’s catchy debut single “Kids In America” gave her an incredible amount of fame, with the song reaching #2 in the UK in 1981.



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