What Do Your Favourite Harry Potter Stars Look Like 16 Years Later?

What Do Your Favourite Harry Potter Stars Look Like 16 Years Later?

It’s the year 2001, and kids everywhere are finally seeing their favourite book come to life on the big screen. That’s right, we’re talking about Harry Potter, probably the most iconic wizard boy of our time. The story has truly captured the hearts and imaginations of many – and we all know it’s not only children who enjoy the tales, either!



If you were and are a Potterhead, you’ll remember waiting impatiently and excitedly for the times when the next installment would be released. Maybe you even remember the midnight book launches. Maybe you were lucky enough to go to one of the midnight book launches. I won’t say I’m jealous, but…

Whatever the case, we were all absolutely ecstatic when the movies arrived, too. The first film was a great success (naturally) and so a whole series of movies was created, allowing us to relive the excitement all over again.

But what we want to know is what the actors from Harry Potter look like now! Let’s take a peek at a few of our favourites, see how much our dear characters have grown, and collectively try to not be too nostalgic about it.

Just kidding. Grab your tissues, and let the nostalgia fest begin.



1. Daniel Radcliffe, A.K.A Harry Potter


2. Emma Watson, A.K.A. Hermione Granger

3. Rupert Grint, A.K.A. Ron Weasley


4. Tom Felton, A.K.A. Draco Malfoy



5. Helena Bonham Carter, A.K.A. Bellatrix Lestrange

6. Robbie Coltrane, A.K.A. Rubeus Hagrid

7. Jason Isaacs, A.K.A. Lucius Malfoy



Images: Warner Bros. | Pinterest