What are your favourite stars from Neighbours up to now?

What are your favourite stars from Neighbours up to now?

Neighbours was one of those truly iconic programmes from the 80s and it’s certainly something that we Brits took very much to our hearts as it was shown twice daily for many years, once at 13:35 just after lunch and then the same episode was repeated at 17:35 whilst we were having our tea.

Over the years, we fell in love with the characters and would tune in religiously to find out what happened to them in the next installment. Whether it was seeing what would happen to everyone’s favourite canine Bouncer The Dog, or everyone’s least favourite nosey neighbour Mrs Mangle, we couldn’t help but turn on every day to see what was happening.

Many of the stars have made a name for themselves since, and we all know what happened to Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, but what happened to some of the other actors, and especially those who were in it when we were in our teens during the 90s and we could relate even more to the characters in it as we were building our own life experiences? Let’s take a look and find out….

Felicity Scully (Holly Valance)

Character Felicity Scully from Neighbours appeared on screens 1999 – 2002.

After coming out of Neighbours in 2002, she released her first album Footprints, which included the single “Kiss Kiss”.

In 2004, Valance returned to acting but this time in the United States instead of Australia. She appeared in episodes of CSI: Miami and Entourage and then in 2005, she appeared in an episode of CSI: NY. In 2006, she appeared in Prison Break as Nika Volek and she also appeared in the National Lampoon comedy Pledge This! alongside American socialite Paris Hilton. In the same year, she starred in DOA: Dead or Alive, an adaptation of the popular video game Dead or Alive, where she played Christie.