18 Of The Funniest "Roses Are Red" Poems

18 Of The Funniest “Roses Are Red” Poems

18 Of The Funniest “Roses Are Red” Poems

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you”. These type of rhymes are synonymous with Valentines Day. However these days they tend to be delivered with a modern twist, and are often hilariously inappropriate.

But I bet you don’t know much about the original number? It can be traced back to author Edmund Spenser, from the classic The Faerie Queene.

In fact here’s the original wording for the classic, which has now become an integral part of modern romantic culture.

“She bath’d with roses red, and violets blew,

And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forrest grew.”

You really do live and learn!

Anyway, back to the less romantically provoked verses, here are a selection of our favourites.

1)  This Star Wars based number is brilliant, although I have to say it’s the accompanying meme that makes it. 

2) I think somebody needs to go check on Annie here. I can imagine her sat on a rocking chair clutching an Adele record and a bottle of Malibu. 

3) A slightly more sinister number here, that will certainly instil paranoia into the reader ..

4) Pure genius featuring Tracey Beaker here …

5) This tweet featuring Kim Kardashian makes no logistical sense but is hilarious .. 

6) Well, this certainly escalated. Nothing screams romance like a chewed pet rodent. 

7) It’s sometimes difficult to laugh at anything related to mental health, but it’s safe to say the pure wackiness of this one makes it amusing to say the least 

8) Well, another news story of bizzare substance, which seems to be a common theme … 

9) This dis is just brutal ..

10) Tom Harlock here displaying an inventive way to deal with Zayn Malik’s haters. Kudos Tom. 

11) A tad more inventive with this number, featuring the inclusion of Marvel’s very own Captain America and Iron Man.. 

12) I don’t know how the “skin is clear” part qualifies as a “Roses Are Red” accompaniment but with amusing meme attached, we’ll allow it…

13) Another shout out to the socially anxious here, with a well positioned meme .. 

14) Because why not include a chicken in a romantic limerick? 

15) My favourite so far with relative ease. Probably the longest worded, ingenious one to date … 

16) This number features what we’d define as a mental breakdown. I sincerely wish nothing but dehydration on this strange being. 

17) A quite simply brilliant inclusion of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn here. Can cats have political allegiance? 

18) A rather to the point meme here. Always did strike me as to why violets were compared blue. The cynicism here is very much welcomed.