Gay Teacher Has The Perfect Response For Mom Who Took Her Kid Out Of His Class

Gay Teacher Has The Perfect Response For Mom Who Took Her Kid Out Of His Class

Gay Teacher Has The Perfect Response For Mom Who Took Her Kid Out Of His Class

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the world isn’t always as accepting and kind as we’d like it to be.

For whatever reason (and there are millions of them!), some people just can’t see members of the LGBT community for what they truly are… people. Entitled to the same level of respect and the same opportunities as everyone else. After all, no one is born hating anyone else, it’s simply something we learn from those around us and the environment we grow within.

But, just because there are those out there that choose to discriminate against others based on their sexuality, it doesn’t mean those being discriminated against have to just sit there and take it.

Just look at Michael Neri for example. He’s a drama teacher from Kidderminster in England and when he found out that one of his students had been pulled of his class because the child’s mom disapproved of his sexuality, he had the perfect response.

Michael runs Talking Props Theatre School, which aids children’s development in the performing arts from the ages of 8-13. An important development period for any kid, not only within this particular industry, but in life in general.

When one child’s mother found out about his “lifestyle” choice, this is what she had to say to him:

She says that she cannot allow her children “to be influenced by unconventional ideas” and that she wanted her deposit giving back.

Fortunately, Michael had the best reaction:

I think he handled that pretty freakin’ well, don’t you?

Especially the “theatre without gays is like cooking without spices” part!

If only we could see the moms reaction afterwards!

After Michael’s interaction was posted online, it quickly went viral and as you’d probably expect, plenty of people had something to say about it.

Other Christians voiced their opinions:

And some people couldn’t help but laugh at the level of sass and sarcasm in his reply. If you know anything about me my Acidheads, you’ll know that I can’t go twenty minutes without being freakin’ sarcastic!



I only have one thing to say Michael, well done sir! If you could see my face while I was reading that, it would’ve looked something like this…

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