20 Nostalgic Things Every 80's Girl Had In Their Bedroom

20 Nostalgic Things Every 80’s Girl Had In Their Bedroom

20 Nostalgic Things Every 80’s Girl Had In Their Bedroom

I’m always envious of my older sister (who was born in 1980) because of the fact that she had the awesomeness that was an 1980’s childhood! I was (sadly) born seven years later in 1987 and naturally, I don’t remember much of those last few years of what is most likely the best decade ever!

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Now, I’m not saying that my 90’s childhood was shabby by any means (Tamagothi’s & Furbies anyone!?) but the 80’s just seemed to have such a special charm to it, especially if you were a kid!

There were so many weird, wonderful and awesome toys and gadgets that my sister always tells me about, that I can’t help but feel a little sad that I wasn’t born earlier!

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Being a bit of an 80’s “buff” myself, I’ve since researched all these trinkets and treasures that I have only ever heard stories about (which I suppose is lucky considering I’m now writing this article!) and it has only added to the sheer magic of them!

So 80’s girls, you can now sit back, relax and strap yourself in for the sweetest, most awesome nostalgia trip that you’re going to get today (unless of course, you somehow find a Time Machine!)

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1. Canopy Bed

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Akin to being in your own mini posh hotel for kids (except a lot more garish!), what was cosier than sleeping in your own private den!? Nothing, that’s what!

2. Watch Shaped Clock

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I didn’t personally have one of these, but I remember my Primary School (Elementary School for the Americans) having one of these babies on the wall. So it was obviously very much a trend that transitioned into the next decade!