This Girl Instantly Regrets Testing Her Boyfriend Loyalty With A Megan Fox Lookalike

This Girl Instantly Regrets Testing Her Boyfriend Loyalty With A Megan Fox Lookalike


We’d all like to think that our relationships with our partners would withstand the test of time. However, how would you feel if a very attractive person started to talk to your partner? Would you trust them? And what if it was an attractive person you hired to test your partner’s loyalty? Do you think they would pass the test?



To Catch a Cheater is a Youtube channel which is dedicated to testing a partner’s loyalty. It’s an interesting premise for a Youtube channel, however, their most recent episode has a shocking twist you don’t see coming.

A woman suspected her partner of being unloyal, so she decided to get To Catch a Cheater to investigate her partner and test him by having in interact with a very attentive, persistent, and seductive Megan Fox lookalike who wants to be his gym buddy.  Is there honestly anyway this could go well for her?


The girlfriend honestly felt awful about testing her boyfriend and decided not to tell him about it if he passed.


The Meghan Fox lookalike approached the suspected cheater and asked if they could be ‘gym buddies’- is that what people are calling it these days?

The boyfriend interacted with the lookalike, however, would he take the bait?

Unfortunately for the girlfriend, he did something worse. Instead of taking the bait he told the lookalike that he was in fact married! He was even wearing a wedding band. Talk about a shocking twist.

The girlfriend decided to call him and asked if he was married. Her now ex-boyfriend hung up as soon as she asked the question. I guess that’s one way to end a relationship.

Talk about a shocking end to a relationship!



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