This Girlfriend Wins ALL The Awards!

This Girlfriend Wins ALL The Awards!

This Girlfriend Wins ALL The Awards!

Sometimes your significant other does something and you know you have found yourself a keeper! This guy’s girlfriend sent him on the coolest treasure hunt for his birthday, and the whole thing was Skyrim themed! When he got home, this is the journey he was sent on:

How can you make a scavenger hunt better? Make it a Skyrim scavenger hunt!


“Are you ready to play?”

The clues were cleverly distributed around the house…

“I’ve planted a clue downstairs.”

…and he had to follow them in order to find the loot at the end!

“Where have you bean lately?”


The fact that the clues are actually really great puns makes it even better!

“I hope you’re not exhausted yet.”

He’s almost at the end!

“I’m board of this.”

Then, finally, the treasure!

“Honningbrew – Brewed in the wonderful land of Skyrim, this wine is a fine companion for any traveller.”

Everything from the custom label to the chocolate gold coins is perfect! Benjamin, you’re a lucky man! What’s the coolest thing your significant other has done for you on your birthday? Is it cooler than a Skyrim scavenger hunt? Let us know in the comments!


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