As Grange Hill Turns 40, We Check Out Where The Stars Are

As Grange Hill Turns 40, We Check Out Where The Stars Are

As Grange Hill Turns 40, We Check Out Where The Stars Are


It’s the show we all loved to watch. Even more recent generations got a taste of Grange Hill when it was brought back to the screen in the early 2000’s. But it was actually 40 years this week that the fictional school was open for business, back in 1978.

The school may have shut its doors forever back in 2008, but the opening theme tune will stay in the minds of a select few for years to come.

It was in the school that the likes of Eastender Susan Tully, Patsy Palmer, and Michelle Gayle were to shot to stardom. You can find one of the cast these days cutting keys however…

Tucker Jenkins (played by Todd Carty)

Todd was incredibly popular as the lovable rebel Tucker, that he was actually awarded with his own spin-off series, Tuckers Luck, for three years! He went on to play Mark Slater in Eastenders til 2003 before moving over to The Bill as the wicked Gabiriel. He branched out last year into pantomime, playing King Rat in Eastbourne’s adaptation of Dick Whittington.

Mrs McClusky (played by Gwenneth Powell)

Gwenneth portrayed one of the shows most favourite characters, playing the perfectly permed headmaster Mrs McClusky for ten years, between 1981 to 1992.

She’s since remained a familiar face on our screens in Heartbeat, A Touch Of Frost, Casualty, and Holby City. She’s now based in Sussex with husband Alan Leith, who also is an actor.


Trevor Cleaver (played by John Drummond)

John played the rather mouth Trevor from 1983-1991. His character however was seen developing gambling and alcohol problems. Jon went on to to appear in shows such as The Bill and Casualty, but ultimately ended up retiring from acting to run a DIY store.

Benny Green (Played by Terry Sue-Patt)

Terry played Tucker’s football obsessed buddy Benny, and was actually the first kid through the school gates when the show began in 1978. Unfortunately the actor passed away in 2015 in his flat, ages just 50. Police believe his body may have been there for around a month before being discovered.

Natasha (played by Patsy Palmer)

Although her part in Grange Hill was not particularly extensive, she gained nationwide fame for her portrayal as Bianca in Eastenders. She kept this role from 1993 – 2014. She’s not done bad for herself however, as she now lives in L.A and has become a successful DJ.

Tegs Ratcliffe (played by Sean Maguire)

Sean was only 11 when he played the role of the adored Tegs. He later played the part of homeless drug addict Aidan Brosnan in Eastenders.

However he ventured to pastures new, and moved to the U.S.A where he landed the role as Donovan Brink in the sitcom Eve – and had a blockbuster role in 2008 in action movie Meet The Spartans.

Claire Scott (played by Paula Ann Bland)

Claire was well known as one of the central characters of the show, who was the child of some pretty over the top parents.

Paula landed a record deal on the back of the role, for a cover version of The Locomotion. She moved out to L.A for a period before basing back in London, where she now runs a publicity firm.

Trisha Yates (Played by Michelle Herbert)

Michelle played bad-girl Trisha Yates for five years. Michelle ended up walking away from the role to work for a major sweet manufacturer.

Later in life she joined her hubby in the family business of glazing. In 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had to undergo mastectomy.

Zammo Maguire (Played by Lee MacDonald)

Lee played the part of Zammo, who was embroiled in a controversial story-line relating to heroin addiction. He later tried to become a boxer, but a car accident in the 90’s left him unable to return to the ring. He now cuts keys for a living, and has his own shop.