26 Sure Fire Ways To Know You Grew Up In The 1980s

26 Sure Fire Ways To Know You Grew Up In The 1980s

26 Sure Fire Ways To Know You Grew Up In The 1980s

If you were born or grew up in the 1980’s there are probably a load of memories trapped at the back of your mind that you have completely forgotten about.

We have put this list together to give you a few reminders…

You know you are a true child of the 80s when…

1. You remember when the biggest mystery in the world was who shot J.R.

2. You remember when there was no breakfast TV and when TV shut down at midnight, and when there was nothing on TV in the middle of the day except for that test card girl with the stupid clown and a blackboard.

3. You remember people used to refer to electric keyboards as Synthesizers.


4. You thought the Goonies was a state of the art movie.

5. The ATARI was a top notch state of the art video game system.

6. Frogger was the best game until Donkey-Kong came along only to be topped by the original Super Mario Brothers.

7. You listened to cassette tapes thinking they were so much more modern than records.

8. You used to look forward to going to a disco and listening to James’ Sit Down.

9. You thought the year 2000 would be full of Reebok pump like trainers and hover-boards.

10. You thought shell suits and global hypercolour were the coolest.

11. All you wanted to do in life was become awesome at breakdancing or at least yo yo’ing.

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12. You Believed that By the power of Greyskull, you HAD the power.

13. The most recent storylines in Eastenders involved Mark Fowler and his dad Arthur.


14. You thought the Carry On Films were really rude.

15. And top shelf magazines were just the worst kind of rudeness imaginable.

16. You used to eat Space Raiders that cost 10p / bag.

17. All girls wanted to be a Charlies Angel and all guys wanted to have a talking car called Kit.

18. Poltergeist was the most scary movie you had ever seen until you discovered A Nightmare on Elm Street.

19. You took your lunch to school in a movie themed lunchbox.

20. You wore cycling shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish, or knew someone who did.

21. You had a Pop Swatch.

22. You used to buy Wham Bars, Spangles, Pacers and Banjos at the tuc shop.

23. You used to get into the family car by sliding through the open window Dukes of Hazzard style.

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24. You knew all the opening monologues to: The A-team, StreetHawk and Airwolf.

25. You used to stick both thumbs up and say ‘Aaaaaaayyyyyyy’

26. There was nothing strange about Bert ‘n’ Ernie living together… or Morecambe and Wise sharing a bed!