A Groom's Mistress Showed Up To His Wedding Wearing A Wedding Dress

A Groom’s Mistress Showed Up To His Wedding Wearing A Wedding Dress

A Groom’s Mistress Showed Up To His Wedding Wearing A Wedding Dress

It’s a sad truth that in quite a few relationships these days cheating is involved. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together as a couple, if you’re married or not, or if you have kids. For most people, that isn’t a good enough reason not to cheat. It’s sad, but it’s unfortunately, true.


People have different reasons as to why they chose to seek out romantic attachments while still in a relationship with someone else. It doesn’t automatically make them a bad person. It could have just been an accident. But the best thing a person can do is come forward with the truth, telling their partners that something has happened with another person, otherwise they may have something a lot worse to deal with.


One the happiest day of her life this bride soon found out that her groom had another woman. But how? Her groom didn’t tell her himself, instead, his mistress turned up to the wedding dressed in a wedding dress!


The strange encounter was captured on camera. The invited guests frantically try and keep the mistress away from the bride and groom. It led to a shocking shouting match between the guests and the mistress.


The wedding incident took place in Ghana, where according to wedding guests, an even bigger incident occurred when the mistress was finally removed from the wedding reception.

Unfortunately for this bride and groom, they did not get married after their wedding was disrupted by the groom’s mistress. Though I don’t believe the mistress who crashed the wedding would be very upset to hear of the bride and groom’s separation.

It’s a shame that the relationship had to come to an end as a result of cheating.

Do you have any funny stories where the cheater was caught out in a hilarious way? Let us know!


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