Guy Was Convinced He Had Frostbite After Wearing Girlfriend's Fake-Tanning Sock!

Guy Was Convinced He Had Frostbite After Wearing Girlfriend’s Fake-Tanning Sock!

Guy Was Convinced He Had Frostbite After Wearing Girlfriend’s Fake-Tanning Sock!

Michael Onorati is a businessman from Glasgow. He was also recently terrified that he had frostbite after putting on his girlfriend’s fake-tanning sock…

Michael woke up to find his foot had blackened overnight and was convinced he had frostbite. The restaurant owner put on a pair of black socks for work, then forgot to take them off before bed that night. The next morning, he saw his foot had turned an alarming shade of orangey-black.

Frantic, Michael began googling symptoms of foot infections and frostbite. He was about to dial 111 when his girlfriend, Stephanie, realised what had happened…

Michael said: “When I woke up I genuinely thought I’d got frostbite or some other weird infection. 


I was thinking what the f*** is happening here as I tried to wash it off just in case it was the dye from the cheap socks. I was Googling all sorts of weird foot infections and getting a bit creeped out by this point.

That was until Stephanie came downstairs and started laughing hysterically at my foot. I was like ‘calm down, I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m ready to call NHS 24’. She was hyperventilating with laughter at this point trying to get her words out.

Then she explained that in fact she couldn’t find her fake tan mitt and thought to use my damn socks instead. I burst out laughing and the rest is history I guess.”

Stephanie, a 32-year-old model added:

“I’ve got millions of tanning mitts but when I couldn’t find one, I grabbed a sock and put a rubber glove on and it worked perfectly fine. I put the sock in the laundry but his mother is over from Italy and I think she mixed them up because they would still have been slightly damp from the fake tan so she probably thought they were just washed.

He got up, put them on and when he came home it hadn’t developed that much but there was a couple of brown marks. He was blaming the shoes he had been wearing and didn’t think any more of it.


He just didn’t click on that it was fake tan but I couldn’t breathe when I saw it, I knew straight away. I said to him ‘have you seen your foot?’ and he said ‘I don’t know what it is’ but he looked genuinely terrified. He was asking ‘what’s wrong with me?'”

The funniest part about the entire ordeal is that Michael was so convinced something was seriously wrong with him, he was walking around in a dressing gown and lay down on the sofa “to recover”.

“He told me he thought there was something wrong with him and was really serious about it. He said ‘do you think this is funny?’ he was just shocked because it looked that bad.

His foot was actually black and it’s still black now, he’s had about 50 showers. I was just spraying it onto the sock with the tan so it was absolutely covered in tan.

When he finally realised he didn’t even laugh, I was crying and couldn’t breathe and he was staring in pure shock with his mouth open. It just didn’t register.

Even when he did realise he was still shocked, he didn’t laugh about it proper until later on that night. I just said to him ‘that is not coming off’.

Later that night he lay in bed and put his foot up next to mine and we were just crying with laughter then.”

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