This “Harry Potter” Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Is So Cool, HOW Could You Say No?

This “Harry Potter” Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Is So Cool, HOW Could You Say No?

If you’re a Harry Potter fan (and really, who isn’t?) then you’re going to love this Quidditch Snitch style engagement ring because it’s fantastic and beautiful and we all want one.

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There have been several examples of Harry Potter inspired products being fabulous, for instance, the makeup line, the bath bomb, and even the latest eyeliner designed to look like a quill! Not only this, but Harry Potter themed engagements and weddings seem like a magical option!

There are already several Harry Potter inspired wedding items floating around, but now, the icing on the four-tiered wedding cake is this golden snitch inspired engagement ring!

The ring has been created by Sapphire Studios, a jewellery designer in Melbourne. The ring is totally stunning and looks like a fantastically bedazzled golden snitch!

Sapphire Studios 

The 0.50 carat diamond is surrounded by additional 0.90 carat diamonds, and what’s more, the band comes in a variety of colours: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver! (Although, if you really wanted it to look like a golden snitch, surely you’d go with yellow gold?)

The ring is priced between $649 and $999, depending on which band you choose.

The best part is that the Harry Potter themed rings don’t stop there! Sapphire Studios also have this gorgeous Deathly Hallows inspired ring…

Sapphire Studios

This ring is a little more expensive than the snitch ring, ranging from $489 to $1419, but again, it comes with a variety of band options including rose or yellow gold and sterling silver. This ring has a beautiful a 0.70 carat diamond and we can’t decide which ring we like better!

Harry Potter fans, add this to your Wedding Pinterest board!