"Anti-Animal Language" - Has PETA Officially Gone Too Far? (Yes, It Has.)

“Anti-Animal Language” – Has PETA Officially Gone Too Far? (Yes, It Has.)

“Anti-Animal Language” – Has PETA Officially Gone Too Far? (Yes, It Has.)

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As you may or may not have seen, this week PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) announced their latest campaign, which was basically about the fight against using “anti-animal” idioms…

…and I think it’s safe to say that it did not have the effect they’d hoped for.

In fact, it wasn’t long before the heroes of the internet had taken control of this highly ridiculed campaign and turned it into an amazingly glorious new meme.

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The animal’s rights group was very heavily criticized after comparing “anti-animal” idioms to racism, homophobia and other discriminatory languages. Now, I’m a HUGE animal lover myself, but, well… if I used an “anti-animal” idiom about dogs in front of my own dog, I doubt it would have any kind of negative effect on his day. Because y’know, they can’t understand us.

Anyway, along with their terrible opinion, PETA made things even worse for themselves by posting a list of very serious alternatives for “anti-animal language”.

Some unintentionally hilarious examples include; “Take a flower by the thorns” instead of saying “Take the bull by the horns,” …as if people could totally say that normally with a straight face.

Wondering about what other gems PETA wishes us to start using? Well never fear, for I have the original post for your curious eyes below!


And because the internet is an amazing and terrifying place filled with people who just cannot take anything seriously, PETA’s questionable attempt at comparing human suffering to using animals within poetic license has now, unsurprisingly, become a meme.

Amazingly, thousands of new petitions have begun to sprout up all over the place. From petitions to stop using “anti-Food” language to quoting all of the Star Wars prequels, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook users (even the vegans and vegetarians have joined in!) have all combined forces in the fight to make our world a more inclusive place for all fandoms. And it. Is. Beautiful.


“My tongue suffers from anti-spice bigotry”… okay, I may actually start using that one in real life.

That’s right, ALL language should be Christmas language. Why should be discriminate Christmas 11 months of the year? Down with it, I say!

Honestly, I would love the discover what a “blessing of bumbles” is… because it sounds truly magical.


I think “Ethics is a class I slept during” is one we could all definitely do with saying a lot more… aka the truth.


Because after all, plants have feelings too… what if they get upset when they overhear us tell someone they’re barking up the wrong tree!?

Ouch… okay this one is so accurate that it kinda actually does hurt a little.

And how could we possibly forget “That’s no moon, it’s a space station!”

How could we forget about the BIRDS!?

Anyway, despite now becoming one of the most popular memes of 2018, PETA still insists on pushing forward with its bizarre anti-animal campaign. In fact, they’ve even recently changed their Twitter handle to the ridiculously long “PETA: Bringing Home The Bagels Since 1980.”… obviously in some kind of tragic attempt at laughing at themselves.

Well, sorry PETA, but I think this may be one fight you cannot win.

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