This Heartless Guy Told His Ex Girlfriend Why He Cheated And Now Everyone HATES Him

This Heartless Guy Told His Ex Girlfriend Why He Cheated And Now Everyone HATES Him

  1. The Scene has brought us an absolute tear-jerker of a video in which Kourtney and Leonard sit down almost knee-to-knee to have a conversation about why their relationship didn’t work out. This situation looks way more intimate than we’d like to imagine being with an ex who cheated, but these two have taken the plunge anyway.

The caption and premise of the video? “He cheated on her. Now she wants to know why.”



Ouch. Leonard is either having some difficulty tapping into his emotions, he’s a literal robot, or he’s just the most insensitive cheater any of us have ever seen. At least Kourtney is getting the truth out there: how about we rewind to the part where we’re told that she walked in on her then-boyfriend with another girl, and he tells her to go to her room?!

The two are now living in different states, but somehow they’ve still managed to remain friends. Major props to Kourtney if she can still be pally with a piece of work like that…

The weirdest part was watching Leonard tell her how happy he is that he gets “a chance to see [her] grow into the woman that [she’s] becoming.”

What? That’s really all you have to say? He didn’t even shed a single tear, let alone apologise.



So as you can imagine, Twitter had some things to say about the video. It seemed like people were making up for the lack of remorse that Leonard was showing, as they weren’t best pleased with the guy’s actions, either.

Well. That’s putting it lightly.  You might want to grab your popcorn for this.

Others couldn’t see why Kourtney even bothered with the video at all.

But let’s get back to the important part: people putting Leonard in his place. Are you sitting comfortably?

Finally, this Twitter user summarised the whole situation quite nicely: