Here's What Joey From 'Blossom' Looks Like Nowadays

Here’s What Joey From ‘Blossom’ Looks Like Nowadays

Here’s What Joey From ‘Blossom’ Looks Like Nowadays

If you were a fan of 90s sitcom ‘Blossom’, you’ll remember Joey Russo – the teenager, middle brother, and ‘jock’ character was quite the heartthrob.

With his catchphrase of an elongated “Whoa!”, dishy Joey Russo dressed in leather jackets and sported incredible curls that made a lot of us jealous. You might also remember that he chose to play basketball professionally over a place at university.

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The character appeared for four seasons on American sitcom ‘Blossom’ between 1991 and 1995, and the whole thing made actor Joey Lawrence popular with everyone who can appreciate a really, really attractive lad.

Today, though, Lawrence has changed his appearance up a bit.


Whoa! Where did his hair go?!

Despite shaving off all of those lovely locks, the actor’s still looking mighty fine. The other differences being that he’s now in his forties and has two children.

Burning off my Christmas calories. Love y'all Angels!! It's 2017! Crazy!!

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He and his wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson first met at Disney World when they were teenagers, but 13 years later managed to reconnect and fall in love. They married in July 2005.


The pair have two daughters, Charleston and Liberty Grace.

After leaving ‘Blossom’, Lawrence appeared with his siblings Matthew and Andrew in the sitcom ‘Brotherly Love’, before he went on to have a fruitful music and film career.

Two of his albums were released in the 1990s, along with additional singles in 2008 and 2011. On his Instagram, we can see that his newest song is called Lose Yourself, and features his brothers.

His most recent acting endeavours include the role of Joey Longo in sitcom ‘Melissa & Joey’, which he starred in alongside Melissa Joan Hart (A.K.A. Sabrina the Teenage Witch!)

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However, since the show was drawn to a close in 2015, Joey has been dabbling in presenting, appearing on the US reality series ‘Cupcake Wars’.

No matter what he looks like or where he’ll take his career next, he’ll never be anything less than stunning to us!