Holly Nearly Wets Herself Live On Air

Holly Nearly Wets Herself Live On Air

It was revealed by Phil and Holly that they had an unwelcome guest in the form of a mouse in the studio during an ad break today.

Holly said: “We have a mouse, during the break it ran out and was by a pillar. I love the way that you (crew member) decided the best way to catch it was by using a brass pot.”

She blamed the appearance of the moues on a drum Phillip brought her back from his South African trip, and added: “There’s more than one in here. There’s one that lives over there and there’s one that lives over here and I think they were enticed out by the drum.”

Philip seemed to take a liking to the little rodent saying “The one that was sitting listening to health headlines was sitting there looking like: ‘Oh I like this.’ I like mice, I think they’re sweet.”

Philip later teased Holly pretending it was scurrying past her feet.

“I nearly fell off my heel, I nearly swore and I nearly wet myself”

“any one of those would have been bad”

Classic Holly