Honey G Debut Single Doesn't Even Make It Into The Top 100

Honey G Debut Single Doesn’t Even Make It Into The Top 100

Honey G Debut Single Doesn’t Even Make It Into The Top 100

If you watched any of the X Factor this year, you will know who Honey G is.


Although the show is now over and we have started to forget who Honey G and her stupid hat and glasses are, we have some good news to share. You don’t need to lose all faith in the British public as it has beed revealed that her debut single ‘The Honey G Show’, hasn’t even made the top 100 in the official charts, thankfully.

Just to show how crap this is, ‘Mr Brightside’ from The Killers, released in 2004 has even managed to make it into the top 100, despite the fact the recored was released 12 years ago.

So we can head into 2017 feeling a little bit better.

Honey G is actually signed to Simon Cowell’s label, ‘Syco’, so it would appear that even the Cowell can make mistakes.

The single became available on December 23rd and we all panicked when hit the top 10 on the iTunes chart (iTunes, not official). This was thankfully short lived and it has since dropped hard.

She told Digital Spy just last week that she was hopeful of getting a second single, stating:

“What I want to do is negotiate a deal. We want to make it happen. I don’t think there is a specific timescale – I think they are allowed to make two singles with me, and then if they make a third, they have to make an album.”

Yeah well I can’t see that happening!