Hunter Who Posed Next To A Dead Lion Dies After Falling Off A Cliff

Hunter Who Posed Next To A Dead Lion Dies After Falling Off A Cliff

Hunter Who Posed Next To A Dead Lion Dies After Falling Off A Cliff

Hunting is a controversial topic of conversation. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Almost everyone has their own thoughts about the morality of hunting and whether it’s ethical or not. Hunting for sport, especially if it’s the hunting of endangered animals can really divide people into groups and cause a huge and ugly debate.

Critics of hunting believe that it’s unneeded cruelty and it’s an act of savage sadism. Whereas hunters argue that they’re helping control the animal population.

Regardless on which side you stand on, you have to agree that the topic of hunting for sport can often end up being rather explosive when brought up for debate.

There are actually groups of hunters who never hunt animals that are under threat of extinction. But what people quite often see are people who will pay a lot of money to hunt, shoot, and kill exotic and dangerous animals, regardless if they’re endangered, and knowing full well that they’re bringing the species closer to extinction.


One of these individuals was an Italian vet named Luciano Ponzetto. Luciano’s photo with a dead lion he had killed brought forward the wrath of a hoard of animal lovers, all of which strongly disapproved of Luciano’s hunting for sport, particularly when it came to endangered animals.

But it now looks like Mother Nature got her revenge on the Italian dentist.

Luciano received a lot of death threats from people all over the world who was very angry with his hunting. However, the Vet who became the target of hate and death threats recently died.


He slipped on some ice and was plunged 100ft. Ouch! He was sniping some game birds with a friend when he fell into a ravine in the Colle Delle Oche in Italy.

His body was eventually recovered, but he was declared dead when his body reached the hospital. It’s believed that he died on impact.


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