Iceland Launch £5 Mothers Day Luxury Breakfast

Iceland Launch £5 Mothers Day Luxury Breakfast

Iceland Launch £5 Mothers Day Luxury Breakfast

The “Beast From The East” is a storm that’s halted an entire nation to a standstill. However the chilly blizzard isn’t the only storm that’s coming, designed to cause chaos. I hope you haven’t forgotten about Mothers Day.

Another commercial haven for businesses up and down the nation, the day causes pandemonium, as the closer you get, the more frantic people who seemingly have forgotten are seen running around trying to purchase their mothers some token of affection. Have no fear however, if you find yourself on a budget, Iceland have come to your rescue, with a £5 Mothers Day breakfast bundle.

The budget supermarket is offering a breakfast bundle, which consists of bacon and sausage, a loaf of bread, and a carton of eggs for just £5.

All you need to do is visit, where you will be able to opt for your meat options, select your preference of bread, before at last highlighting which eggs you’d like to receive.

The bundle is not only a gift, but it can save you money. You’ll make a saving of 89p when purchasing the bundle, as opposed to purchasing each ingredient separately. Before you checkout, customers have the option to add extra gifts which may be a bit more appealing to mum, such as chocolates, wine, or flowers. These extras start from just £1.

This isn’t the only deal Iceland are rolling out at the minute either. Along with Quidco, they’re offering cashback on your shop. You could receive £15 to cover the cost of the bundle, or even just a general shop.

Customers can claim the £15 cashback offer, as a new Quidco member, until midnight on March 11th, with the only stipulation being that the total amount of shopping must come to £25.

Iceland however are not the only chain looking to attract the custom of  Mothers Day gift hunters.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express are offering quite an impressive deal. You can grab three courses on Mothers day, plus a free glass of prosecco for Mum, all from just £17.95.

Admittedly the deal does depend on which restaurant you opt to eat in, as it isn’t available at some of the live music rooms.


It wouldn’t be a piece about savings without mentioning one of the nations favourite supermarkets. Here you can get your hands on a bottle of procescco, which seems to have been adopted as the national drink of women, for just £5.99. The Belletti Dell’Italia may carry an extremely cheap price tag, however it doesn’t half sound posh. Customers are encouraged to head down to grab their bottle before stocks deplete.


Known for their rather different, quirky gift ideas, Groupon have produced here what potentially could be the perfect gift for your Mother. I don’t know about you, but my Mum is obsessed with pictures. Pictures of the family are scattered around the house. With this gift, you could provide her with a professional shoot of her loved ones for penny’s on the pound.

The deal usually costs a staggering £360, however The Fresh Group are offering an incredible 95% off, and have priced it at just £19. A superb saving, and a potentially a brilliant gift idea for your mum.

The Fragrance Shop 

A gift a mother will never turn down is a good perfume. Although it can be difficult to locate the correct one, in a sea full of fragrances, The Fragrance Shop are offering 20% off the cost, if you use code MDAY20 as you checkout online, or in store. They also are advertising some enticing Mothers Day gift sets with 60% off, so make sure you have a good rummage to try find the best deal for your mum.