How Infamous Ads Would Look In The 50's

How Infamous Ads Would Look In The 50’s

How Infamous Ads Would Look In The 50’s

The advance of technology over the years has seen our way of life change dramatically. One such sector that has adapted to the evolution, has been that of advertising. We can now totally see the vast gulf between the classic, old, vintage ads compared with its modern day counterparts. Today, adverts seem to attempt to sell an idea, as opposed to a product.

1) Snapchat

The concept of Snapchat being sold in the form of a 1950’s advertisement is a great idea. The model who played the role of “The Selfie Girl” would have no doubt been an international star in those times.

2) Spotify

This advertisement for the music streaming service, is pretty impressive. The inclusion of imagery like the grammar phone give it that authentic 50’s vintage feel. The concept of a playlist is not something most were too familiar with back in the day, but this advertisement provides a superb simplistic breakdown of the idea.

3) Air B&B

The idea of a holiday package was only just being formed in the 50’s, so Air BnB will have quite frankly blown minds back then. Advertising its primary function of locating unused space to rent out to holidaymakers. Quite amusing as well that it there what looks like a flat screen television is included in the ad, when television was only just finding its legs.

4) Lyft

An application that would have proved immensely popular in the 1950’s. Hitchhiking in trucks was a common feat back in the day, so advertising a service which assists passengers to share rides would have had great success. Although yet again, the inclusion of 21st century technology, in the form of a smartphone, would lead to great confusion.

5) Tesla 


This is potentially one of my favourites. First off the “Back To The Future”-esque design is simply stunning, and will have certainly grabbed attention 70 years ago. You can’t help get the feeling that had this concept had been around during this time period, it may have been a lot more successful with advertising campaigns like this. Maybe Tesla’s marketing department need to take some notes …

6) YouTube

This design advertises one of the largest applications on earth, YouTube. The video giant is advertised as “the way to make your videos last forever.” The design carries your typical working guy, which was common to display in the 1950’s, and even contains what appears to be one of the first personal computers, to add to the vintage feel.

Advertising found itself in the perfect storm in the 50’s following the end of World War 2, and boy did it flourish. The economy bounced back from the dark horrors of war. It took a huge stride forward as televisions began to become a common staple of any living room. This opened the door for advertising to evolve from its 2D roots, and directly feed products into living rooms worldwide.

Here are some examples of some timeless print based 50’s advertisements.

This classic piece advertising Rowntree Fruit Gums encapsulates the innocence of advertising in the 50’s. The sweet young lady is styled in vintage attire, and is seen offering the sweets around. No gimmicks, just straight talking, clean advertising.

This age old advertisement for the popular soft drink 7UP, is a far cry away from the adverts of today. Your typical 50’s barbecue paints the scene, as the product is highlighted as a drink to be shared by the family. Even its simple labelling on the bottle is a far cry away from the complex designs displayed on products today.

This advert for a well known beer is certainly the epitome of the glam on offer in the 50’s. A simple tag line is carried, but the rather attractive lady featuring would certainly have enticed males to sway towards their brand of beer.