20+ Hilarious "Instagram Vs Reality" Photos Put Together By German Artist

20+ Hilarious “Instagram Vs Reality” Photos Put Together By German Artist

20+ Hilarious “Instagram Vs Reality” Photos Put Together By German Artist

never ending instagram GIF by sambmotion

It’s a pretty scary society we live in today. Depression and Mental Illness rates have never been higher, and we’eve never been more obsessed with the way we look or how people, even (or often especially) complete strangers, perceive us or the types of lives we live.

We’ve never been more connected with each other than we are today, and we’ve basically never felt worse about ourselves either. Luckily, however, a wonderful movement is beginning, where people are beginning to shed a light on the filters, and the poses and the general lies we all tell each other via social media day in and day out.

This is exactly what Geraldine West, a German woman who is currently living in Cologne, is achieving through her project entitled “Instagram vs. Reality”. The idea of the project is to basically take two sets of photos in various day-to-day situations – the “Instagrammable” version of the situation, the one we want everyone to see and believe… and then an image which portrays how the situation actually looked.

It. Is. INCREDIBLE! But don’t take my word for it… have a scroll down and see for yourself!

1. Putting on Make-up

A classic one to start with – the old “pretending to apply make-up even though I already did it an hour ago” picture. I think we can all relate to the face West is pulling in the right image.

2. Lazy Days With Your Dog

Pets are possibly one of the most instagrammble things we have in our lives, and we 100% use that to our advantage. But I’m sorry, Debra, I don’t believe that your Pomeranian wanters around the house all ay carrying roses while wearing a pink tutu.

3. Packing For A Trip

If you’ve ever posted a photograph of a suitcase filled with “essentials”… aka a pineapple wearing sunglasses and fairy lights, then I’m sorry but – ya basic.

4. Breakfast

Ah yes, breakfast. Fresh fruit, freshly baked croissants, and freshly squeezed oranges juice. Or, if you’re not a robot, a stale cereal bar and cheap filtered coffee being scarfed down as you sprint out the door already running late.

5. Supporting Your Team

Who says you can’t look cute while passionately supporting your favorite team? Everybody. Everybody says that. God big or go home, that’s what I always say!

6. Contouring

Let me just say this loud and clear; NOBODY. LOOKS. GOOD. WHILE. CONTOURING. That glowing natural look they have going that’s blended in all the right places? Yeah well, an hour before they looked like they’d just fallen head first into a cosmetics aisle.

7. Relationship Goals

This image right here is one of my biggest pet peeves. One of the most harmful things on the internet is the RelationshipGoals hashtag, but believe me, the person on the other end of that camera is not feeling particularly goals.

8. Baking

You know those days when you wake up and feel like being Little Miss Holly Housewife so you mix up a batch of cute homemade cupcakes while simultaneously looking adorable? No, me neither.

9. Valentine’s Day

In all honesty, I’m a little confused as to why the McDonald’s bag isn’t on the “Instagram” side… I’d take a Big Mac over a bunch of flowers any day!

10. Having A “Me” Day

Ah yes, self-care, take a day for yourself, put on a face mask, use a bath-bomb… or do as the rest of us do and spend the day crying by yourself and being generally gross in unwashed sweatpants. Heaven.

11. Grocery Shopping

Oooo, I’ll take a box of Magical Unicorn Puffs, a scented candle, 12 avocados and a sign that says “Live, Laugh, Love”. Or, two cases of PBR, a months supply of toilet roll and a couple of boxes of maxi pads thanks… Oh, and throw a crate of Hersheys’ kisses in there too.

12. Clean Eating

Well I know which one would definitely make me happier, and I’ll give you a hint; it’s not the watermelon.

13. Bath Time

There is nothing magical about lying in a bathtub, I don’t care how many floating rose petals and fairy lights you use. At the end of the day, you’re still floating about in a body of luke-warm water, essentially bathing in your own filth. Enjoy!

14. Beauty Regime

Just another image which backs up my bath theory, yeah it has the potential to be cute but just wait til you drain that now-murky water. How about you put THAT on Instagram.

15. Shaving

To be fair, I don’t think Instagram is mainly to blame for this one. Just watch any “women’s razor” commercial and you’ll know that this whole “beautiful while shaving” thing started waaaaay before Instagram was even a thing.

16. Hanging Out At Home

Okay well, now I’m kinda just feeling personally attacked. I am so feeling the image on the right right now.

17. Lookin’ Cute

See, this is why I never really bother with make-up on my lips, because I know darn well it’ll end up all over whatever it is I’m stuffing into my face 5 minutes later.

18. Going On Vacation

Matching luggage? Chic outfit? An air of nonchalance as you stroll through the terminal without a care in the world? Forget about it, you’ll be wearing sweatpants and your underwear will be falling out of your Bag For Life as you try and catch the train you’re 20 minutes late for.

19. Athletic Goddess

If you aren’t dripping with sweat and looking like you’re about to keel over after a jog, no matter how long you’ve been doing it for, then I’m sorry, you have not been jogging.

20. Working Out

In addition to the above, if you are able to smile after a work-out, you have not worked out. But if you hate working out you can always just photoshop abs onto yourself instead and make sure no one in real life ever, ever see’s your body ever! Problem solved.

21. Netflix & Chill

Another one that confuses me (I guess I’m not really cut out for this Instagram stuff) but I would 100% be more jealous if I saw an image like the one on the right on my timeline than I would of the image on the left… but hey, maybe that’s just me.

broad city crying GIF

Do you feel better about yourself and un-instagrammable life now? Well I know I freakin’ do! It’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors (or in this case, hashtags and filters) after all, no matter WHO you darn well are! And if you enjoyed that, Geraldine has created hundreds more which I definitely recommend you check out ASAP! Don’t forget to like, tag and share this with your Insta-obsessed friends so they can feel a little better about themselves too. Happy swiping!  x