J.K. Rowling Got A Little Emotional Over This Drawing

J.K. Rowling Got A Little Emotional Over This Drawing

J.K. Rowling Got A Little Emotional Over This Drawing

Fan art is amazing. It practically covers the majority of our Facebook and Tumblr feeds. But you always wonder if fan art is ever seen by people important, like the person who created the people who you’re drawing.

A Japanese artist called Kirikawa Juu on Twitter created an amazing piece of fan art which managed to make J.K. Rowling a little bit emotional.


The drawing was of Harry Potter passing on the baton of hero-hood onto Newt Scamander. The picture is called ‘Hero, Change’.

This amazing piece of art soon made the rounds online, before eventually catching the eye of J.K. Rowling herself! She got a tad bit emotional.

It’s always amazing when a fan can connect with someone they admire, especially when they’ve both created something wonderful and amazing.

I can’t begin to imagine how excited Kirikawa got when she was being tweeted by J.K. Rowling, personally, that would be my Christmas made.

As a writer, you’ll always have your own image in your head of what your characters look like, what they’re like as a character, you get to know them quite intimately. But you can only just imagine how incredible it must feel to watch your characters come to life in front of your eyes on the screen. But what most people forget is that these characters also come alive in the imagination of your reader’s minds.

That’s what makes reading so magical. You suddenly build a link between yourself, the characters, and the writer. That’s where the true magic is.